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My Network Places is not showing all computers within the domain

The only computer the Windows 2003 SBS displays in My Network Places is the Linux server which is used as a samba share server. However, all client computers CAN view all the computers in the domain.

The client comuters are running Windows 2000/XP Professional. And our main server is the Windows Small Business Server 2003.

I have run 'net view' from the command prompt on the server and I have the same results.

WINS and DNS settings appear to be correct and the server is updated with the current Windows Security Updates.
1 Solution

Are you allowing NETBIOS over TCP/IP?  I found that this contributes to this sort of behavior as Windows LOVES to do this sort of thing when using Network Places, etc.  Also, make sure you're not blocking port 135, 137,139 and 445 on your INTRANET.  If you're going to use this, PLEASE block this traffic from the OUTSIDE world :).


In addition to what cyan990 said...

How many NIC's in this server? Is the Computer Browser service running in the SBS server? In fact it's best to have Computer Browser turned off on all but the SBS server and perhaps one other PC.

Also see the "Computer Browser" section of this page (in fact this entire page is useful):

i believe that both linux and windows machine need to have the same common group name in order for all of machines to seen in the same network neigbourhood. This is more easy to achieve.

If u're using Linux as the domain controller, then you have to configure samba inside it with a domain name and other related info, and then configure your windows client  s and servers to authenticate to the domain controller (linux in this case)

If windoze SBE is ur main server, then i believe it will act as a domain controller for linux and windows machine. Linux machine can be configured using samba to authenticate to ur windoze sbe server.
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the_omnificAuthor Commented:
I have disabled NetBIOS over TCP/IP on a couple of computers and it doesn't seem to have resolved the issue.

I do not have port restrictions with any internal activity and I don't have the one NIC installed on the Windows 2003 SBS. I'm looking into the Computer Browser idea but I am a bit dubious to say the least.

I do think it has something to do with the Linux box though. However, the Linux machine is not configured to authenticate any user logons nor is it configured to act as a domain controller.
My Network Places depends on the Computer Browser service - check the event logs on the SBS server to see if something else is claiming to the the Master Browser and tripping up the SBS browser, chcek out this link

Looks like [global] for Domain Master should = no or change the OS level to a number lower than 32.
the_omnificAuthor Commented:
I'm sorry for the delayed response. The link was very helpful. Thank you.
Always glad to help.

-Dave @ The I.T. Garage

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