Netmeeting NumLock issues - When close out of a netmeeting session, the numlock turns on

I work for a company that uses netmeeting to do remote control session.  Whenever a user allows control and I work on their computer and give them back control it turns numlock on.  This is a problem because we will use netmeeting to resolve a problem, then disconnect and when they try to get into an app that needs a password they lock their account out and have to call back.  It happens with every one of my coworkers I speak to as well.  Does anyone know what could cause this and how to correct it?  Thanks in advance.
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nils6292Author Commented:
Found the answer...if the computer taking control has numlock on and the remote computer doesn't.  when the remote session is closed numlock will be turned on for the remote computer.  Just had to make sure that numlock was off on the computer taking control before ending the netmeeting session.  
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