Problem with "Welcome, Edit layout" in 6.5.1 iNotes mail database.


I have this problem with "Welcome, Edit layout" in 6.5.1 iNotes mail database.  When trying to access the "Edit layout" an error appears saying "Domino Web Access Warning.  Sorry, we were unable to process your request at this time.  If you are unable to work in your mail file, please dismiss this warning and then select View, Refresh from your Browser's menu. "  This problem exists only for one user other users in the domain are ok.

So, is there a profile document for these settings that might be corrupt ? I have tried to copy the database to a new one and make a replica but the same error pops up.  I have also copied the database to a 7.0.1 server and replaced teh design with the 7.0.1. Web Access template and still the error ( warning ) pops up.  that is why I suspect a profile document but I do not know  the name of it ( if it exists. )

Any suggstions on how to correct this ( rather then scrapping the database )
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some info that may be helpful.

I hope this helps !

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saemundursAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your hints.   I suspected  that the inotesprofile was corrupt and needed to be deleted but at the time i was not sure and didn't know the name of the profile so this is what I did.  When I clicked on the button "Edit Layout" the dialogue window opened and the error appeard however the window stayed open so I viewed the source and extracted the unid of the document and then I was able to write a script that deleted the profile. After the deletion the error has not been senn and the layout can be set.
And the name of the profile form  is of course "inotesprofile",  I just didnt know it.
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