increase maximal number of windows handles


How can i tweak in windows XP the number of maximal allowed window handles.
I have an application which uses many windows, when i have opened to many of the windows, i can't open any more, also in other appz.
Eg. the Start Menue does not pop up any more or i get blank frame in task manager.

There must be a registry settings to tweak this, has someone a glue?

Tx for help.
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Check this article:
Troubleshooting MS-DOS-based programs in Windows XP

A relevant quotation:

Some programs require special settings or drivers to run in the Config.sys or Autoexec.bat file. If this is the case, there are two options for initializing these files when you starting your program: • Enter these lines in the Config.nt and Autoexec.nt files in the %SystemRoot%\System32 folder.
• Create new Config and Autoexec files to be run when starting this program. To do so, follow these steps:1. Create the files and save them with the extension .nt in a folder other than %SystemRoot%\System32 (these files are usually saved in the same folder as the program).
2. Right-click the desktop, point to New, and then click Shortcut.
3. In the Type the location of the item box, type the full path to the file that you want to run, and then click Next.
4. In the Type a name for this shortcut box, type the name for the shortcut, and then click Finish. This creates a new shortcut on the desktop.
5. Right-click the new shortcut, and then click Properties.
6. On the Program tab, click Windows to open a dialog box for the path to the Autoexec and Config files.
7. Type the full path to the files that you created, and then click OK in both dialog boxes.
Clicking this icon runs the Autoexec and Config file specified for the program. These settings are subject to the same restrictions as those listed for MS-DOS-based programs.  

Are you speaking of GDI Objects or Memory Handles ?
How XP's resources are initially allocated is based on the amount of memory available to the OS.  Otherwise, they're dynamically allocated on an as needed basis.

Unless you're running with too little physical RAM, I can't imagine a *properly written* program being that much of a resource hog.  You may wish to check your startup paths and elminate any extra programs that do not need to be operating.  For example, QuickTime loads itself up on boot, however there is absolutely no reason what-so-ever for it to be doing so.  Same goes for Sun's JAVA, many Dell and other OEM applets.  Be sure that your machine is free of malware.  Check the TaskMgr to see what apps are consuming large amounts of CPU time.  If it is an instance of SvcHost, then use TaskList /SVC to help narrow the search of process of elimination.

You can attempt to manually tweak or increase the "NonPagedPoolSize" and maybe "NonPagedPoolQuota" found under "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management".  However, if you don't readup on or understand the parameter or what it does and set it improperly, it can render your system unbootable.  Information on these parameters is under the Microsoft Windows 2000 Resource Kit. (Registry portion).  

Before doing that, try updating your video drivers instead... and again, eliminate any programs that do not need to be running, including aesthetical programs intended to improve the look of Windows; also bloatware and malware alike.
cforceAuthor Commented:
i Have 1 GB, and i am talking of window handles, so i think ist shall be same as gdi handles.
I am pretty sure that it is exatly one app that consumes that much handles, and i have no more appz running, also my graphic drivers are quite well std. nvidia ones.
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cforceAuthor Commented:
Btw i have enough free memory, but windows does no allow mor gdo ibjects it seems to be a hard limit. But where can i config/tweak the limit? I don't think that "NonPagedPoolSize" or "NonPagedPoolQuota" are the correct parameters!
Did you try the changing of FILES= statement in the Config.nt file, as described in the article from Microsoft I quoted above?

(I'll look later but don't have the time now.)
cforceAuthor Commented:
Le Tutor: i really don't see any relation in this article to my topic
What exactly shall increase the allowed number uf guids objects ? At least that is no ms dos program ist written for win32, any way how could it if i am talking form window handles!
Open "perfmon.msc".

Click the + (add) button.
Under "Performance Object", select "Memory".
Add the following counters...
-Pool Nonpaged Bytes
-Pool Nonpaged Allocs

and just for curiosity's sake...
-Pool Paged Bytes
-Pool Paged Resident Bytes
-Pool Paged Allocs

What I'm looking to verify in the data provided by these counters, is that your system's resources aren't being exhausted, and whether or not this has anything to do with the problems you're experiencing.  The system nonpaged pool is not dynamic, unlike other resources.  "PoolMon.Exe" console utility provides similar info.

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(set Perfmon to view in the "numbers" mode.  I hate graph mode.
cforceAuthor Commented:
Ok, thanks so far , this suggestions will make me run test for some time.
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