Installing Multi Function Front Panel

I have have rather boldly purchased a 5.25" Bay Mounted Multi Function Panel with Multi Flash Media Card Reader & writer + USB Hub + 1394 Port + Audio Port.

I have a ASUS P4S800 - MX motherboard and I am uncertain whether my motherboard will accommodate these ports
nor how to install them. I thought I might be able to go to the manual and miraculously find what I need to do but have discovered that it is not quite that easy.

Can anyone simplify this process and direct me to the information I need or do I go back to my supplier tower in tow and ask him to do it for me?
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Well, here's my expereince...

The multi flash media card reader + writer portion is most likely just a usb driven device, as well as the usb hub.
The 1394 port is just a Firewire connection, and the audio an audio connection.

What you are looking for:
2x (or maybe one) USB Headers on your motherboard...
1x Firewire (1394) header on your motherboard...
1x Audio In/Out header on your motherboard...

Your user manual is here:
Front panel audio headers page 31 (1-21)
USB Headers on page 32 (1-22) -- USB56 is actually two headers, the top row of pins is one header, and the bottom row is another.

I didn't see a mention of firewire capabilities on your motherboard, but you may have a firewire card installed that has headers on the card itself for front panel items.

You have an internal connector for 2 USB 2.0 ports, but no Firewire or audio connector (unless you route the audio from the rear connectors).  If you connect to the internal USB header, the media card reader will be functional.
Just a note.  On most mobos, connecting front audio disables the rear audio.  It an either or, but not both situation.
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