SSRS 2005 - calculate list total

Hi Experts,

I've got the following data set in a matrix report:

                      Variety1    Variety2    Variety3
Mass (tons)         4             6                 9
Crates                340           510            750
Cartons Class1     1105        6543           8754
Cartons Class2      6543        7654          8754
Cartons Class3      6554        8765         8765

I'm using SQL Server Reporting Services 2005 and I'm trying to add an additional field at the bottom to display the total cartons for Variety1 , Variety2 etc. I don't know how to write the expression to calculate the carton totals so any help would be much appreciated.  
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If your using a Matrix control, you should be able to right click the data cell you want to total, and then Right click and select Sub Total.
avdvyverAuthor Commented:
Hi Simon,

I'm already using the sub total function to display the totals on the right side of the report. What I'm trying to do here is to sum 3 data fields and display the total underneath it. I can use the following expression but this totals all the cartons (class 1, 2 and 3) and per variety:

=Sum(Fields!tot_ctns_c1.Value, "SQLDB") + Sum(Fields!tot_ctns_c2.Value, "SQLDB") + Sum(Fields!tot_ctns_c3.Value, "SQLDB").

Is this the type of thing that you recon must be calculated at query level or you know if SSRS provides the functionality to make these sort of calculations?
avdvyverAuthor Commented:
Sorry ... typo in the above msg. The expression above calculates the total cartons (class 1,2 and 3) regardless of variety. I need the totals (class 1,2 and 3) per variety. Hope that makes sence.
You can add sub totals to the right and bottom of a matrix control. Right click the row group and add the sub total.  

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