To fully protect Windows Server 2003, you must select Shadow Copy Components

We recently upgraded our Exchange Server to Windows Server 2003 and I am getting this error. I found info. on Veritas about deselecting the System State, which I did, but my main concern is about backing up Exchange 2003 correctly. In researching this error, I found information regarding backing up the Exchange Information Store and it was suggested to select this in the selection list and not select the Shadow Copy Components, because when both are selected, I get an error that they are both trying to do the backup. So, I deselected the Shadow Copy Components and of course my backup keeps failing. What is your recommendations to be sure that the Exchange server is backed up correctly. Should I keep it that I do not do the Shadow Copy Components and just do the Exchange IS and mailboxes? Or should I deselect the Exchange IS and do the Shadow Copy Components? I'm running Veritas 9.1 Rev. 4691. I'd appreciate advice on the best way to do configure my backup job.

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To properly backup Exchange using BackupExec you need to buy the Exchange agent option from Veritas.

This will allow you to choose the Information Store and even do brick-level (mailbox) backups if necessary.

I personally DO backup the system state, but I use the Open File Option as well.

I would always make sure you backup the IS at a bare minimum, along with the Log files for Exchange (depending on where you store them).
dbanikAuthor Commented:
I do have the Exchange Agent, the Open File Option is greyed out though. The problem is that its no longer the system state but the Shadow Copy Components in 2003.
Yeah, you won't need to backup the shadow copy components (sorry I still call it system state) for a proper Exchange backup.

You can backup the Exchange IS and the Exchange folders that comprise the Exchange transaction logs and the Exchange program files directories, and that should be sufficient to restore.

See here as well:

dbanikAuthor Commented:
Do you know how I can get rid of the error message about fully protecting? I don't like seeing my backup as failed every night.
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