Logon problem for two users after SBS 2003 migration

I have just performed an SBS 2003 migration over the weekend for a client. They were running SBS 2000 and I installed a new server and followed the MS migration process to SBS 2003. Towards the end of the process, I began having problems with two users PC’s (Windows XP Professional). When they logon, I get the “Applying local settings” screen for a very long time. Around 20 minutes on the one PC. If I unplug the network cable, the desktop will finish logging in within a few more seconds, so it seems it is definitely waiting for something to time out on the network.

I had just uninstalled Trend AV from the desktops shortly before this, not sure if it could be related or not. I also had made some changes to group policy, to allow user configuration of the windows firewall. Thinking that something may have been messed up in the Group policy, I tried running “Dcgpofix” and then “Gpupdate /force” to reset that. I have also found occurrences of event 1054 in the application log, which seem to indicate DNS problems. I can do a DNS lookup to the server, both forward and reverse, and can do the same from the server back to the workstation. I have deleted the A and reverse lookup record and then ipconfig /release, icpconfig /renew from the workstation, but that event is still logged. Then I discovered that the problem seems to be with the user account, not the PC. The same user has the same problem from other PC’s, where other users do not. I have compared the user account properties to a working user, and haven’t found any differences. I have also added one of the two messed up users to Domain Admins, to see if it could be related to permissions. It did not seem to help either. I am not sure what to try next.

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Do you have "My Documents Redirection" Turned on? For that matter do you have any folder redirection configured?  The logon process can take a while if there is alot of data to be syncronized.

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mm0015Author Commented:
I do have the home folder property, under the profile tab of the user properties, set to Z: to \\OBCSBS\users\khooker, however this is consistant with all users. I just doublechecked and that user has read/write permissions under both the users share and the security tab of that folder. Also the folder size for that users folder is currently only 20kb (they stored files on their computer before the new server, and I am helping them to transition this to server file storage).
mm0015Author Commented:
Well we tried turning off the home directory option in active directory and then remapped the Z drive manually from the client and pointed the my documents folder to it. Now these users log in and everythings seems to work well. This allows us to get by, but does it indicate another underlying problem?

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