Can anyone give me the exact line to add a static route for the following setup

My domain (192.168.16.X) access's the internet through a router withip all users have as there gatway.  I run a website  with a lan address of which is connected to a router which has a second address of (connected back to my existing lan)

Basically I want any requests for to go to for the entire domain.  I believe if I make the change to the server for the domain then the clients will automatically update as the server is set as there primary DNS
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Can you clarify whether you want to change DNS or you want to change your routing?

The best way to add a route for all machines on your network to the network would be to add a route on the default gateway router which will direct traffic for the network to the router.

Making a change in DNS will change what the url resolves to but will not change how the traffic is routed to the server unless you also add a network address translation.
i agree with saineolai's idea of doing it with proper dns config.

also you are asking for a 'static route' which will not resolve your issue at all,,, static routes are for routing networks and/or subnets, not individual IPs.  i think what you are asking for is IP forwarding, which is completely different than static routing.  But as mentioned above, your problem can be resoved with proper DNS setup which is the proper way to do it.

you mean you want to add a static route via a gpo or something? maybe it would be best if you add the static route in the router .16.4... then every workstation would use the normal gateway, and this gateway would forward the packets to the proper router...

but, if you want to add a static router to a domain, you could make a .bat file that contains the proper route add command, and then set it to run in a gpo...

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Renato Montenegro RusticiIT SpecialistCommented:
Sainei is right.

But, if you really really really want to create the route, you have to do it in all machines that need this access. Open command prompt and type the following:

route -p add mask

-p will make the route permanent (even after a restart, it will remain)

This should work fine. But, again, the best is to configure this route on gateway.

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