How can I restore Winlfn.ini

Have a Windows 98 machine where long file names have been changed.  Scandisk was running with lomg file name errors so user told scandisk to ignore long file names. User is attempting to correct with Sulfnbk.exe but can't find required Winlfn.ini file.  User has Windows 98 CD.  Is there any way to grab this file from the CD?


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Mohammed HamadaSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
Hello Mary,,,,

the file Winlfn.ini is a part of the uninstalling files for windows 98, These files such as Winlfn.ini and other like Winundo.ini Winundo.dat are located in the "UninstallDir" Folder, but try to dir them using Dos to check in case if the file still existed and hidden.

Use the following command on dos...
Click Start --> Run --> Command   " Enter "
CD\  "Enter"
Dir /a /s Winlfn.ini   "Enter"

Now this command will search the file on the whole directory and show you it's location, after finding the file you can see what is the attribute option thats set to the file if you use the "Attrib" command.

If you need to install a new file to your computer then download it from the following link:-

The file size Is 15 kbs or 14.2 kbs, Ext is INI.. , If you still want to extract the file from the CD, then you can manually extract all the Setup files from the Windows 98 Second Edition CD-ROM to your hard disk and run Setup from there.

It requires approximately 300 MB of free hard-disk space to extract the Windows 98 files. You can use the Ext.exe utility to extract the Windows 98 files. This utility is located on the Windows 98 Startup disk and in the \Oldmsdos folder on the Windows 98 CD-ROM.

A- On one of your hard drives, create an empty folder and name it "W98flat". Copy the contents of the Win98 folder on the CD-ROM to the W98flat folder.

To manually extract the Windows 98 files, follow these steps:

1- Insert the Windows 98 Startup disk into the floppy disk drive, and then restart your computer.
2- At the command prompt, type:

3- When prompted for the location of the cabinet files, type the path to the W98flat folder that you created in
step A above.

4- When prompted for the files to extract, type:


5- When prompted for the location where the files are to be extracted, type the path to the W98flat folder.
NOTE: This does not extract the files in the and cabinet files.

6- After all the files have been extracted, reboot into Windows 98 and Check If the file is There now.

Hope This Helps.

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yic01Author Commented:
Thank you!!!!
Mohammed HamadaSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
Your Welcome :) and thank you for the grade ;-).
Best Regards.
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