CD Labeling: LightScribe vs InkJet

I am wanting to put labels on my future CD's and trying to decide between LightScribe and InkJet labeling.  Actually I know more about LightScribe than I do InkJet labeling.  But I am interested in user experiences and comments.

Some questions I have with both (probably more with InkJet) are:
   Permamence of the labels
   Brilliance of labeling
   Expense of CD's, ink cost, equipment, etc.

Any other helpful suggestions, comments?

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Providing you purchase CD's/DVD's that are plain and printable then you can buy a number of printers that will allow you to print to the tops in full color and any design you want, once dry it should stay without wear for a very long time.  Printers would cost from about £99 upto the professional ones at around £1,500 ( depending on if you are going to print the odd one or two  or 100's at a time.  Vebaitum ( ) do printable media, HP and Epson both do some good printers that will print onto the media.  Good hunting and good luck.
Lightscribe needs special media, a special drive, and takes quite a long time.
Even some cheap inkjets now support printing onto printable CDs.
Labels can be quite expensive, but printable CDs are more expensive than Plain ones.

The problem is that these parameters may change:
e.g. Lightscribe will probably get faster, the media cost will drop etc, but only if it becomes popular.

The simplest answer at the moment is printable CDs, in terms of cost and speed.
Labels are a pain to print, they often peel off, (sometimes in the CD drive, causing damage).
cccgsmithAuthor Commented:
After re-reading my question, I see that I did not make clear that I did not plan on using adhesive labels on the CD's, but to print directly to the CD using the appropriate type of printer that I would purchase.  Hence, I wanted to compare those two types of labeling processes.  Can you give me any further information regarding labels printed directly on the CD's?  

And, how slow is the LightScribe labeling process?

cccgsmithAuthor Commented:
I also found this link that helps:
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