redistribute mdivwctl.dll supplied with Office 2003

Hi,  one of my applications uses mdivwctl.dll (OCR) and I cant seem to find any information online wether I can re-distribute this file, or if my customers will need Office 2003. Cheers
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Hello bhermer,

yes, they need office for that to work and you can't distribute the dll without an office client license

if you need to use ocr in your then you need an alternative like component

hope this helps a bit
bhermerAuthor Commented:
Hi bruintje,

thanks for teh help, but that link doesn't seem to contain OCR information, scanning isn't a problem I have obtained an ActiveX component for that, it is the OCR element I am looking for! If you know of any? I will leave the questoin open until you reply, but you will get the points! Can you please confirm that they will need 2003 or will any office suite work?

no need to close this prematurely, just leave it open for while so others can contribute too :)

since the dll is part of office 2003 [and the SP for the suite] and there is no information from microsoft regarding this i assume you really need office 2003 on the client.
Important  The MODI programmability features that are described in this document are available only in Microsoft® Office Document Imaging 2003. The Microsoft® Office XP version of Document Imaging did not include a progammable object model.

the question was asked on the google newsgroups and everyone of them was answered with the same comment, those answers came from MVP's so i take that as a sort of authority :-) but of course you can always try to include the component in a test deployment on a office 2003-less machine and see the errors popup or not

the documentation on msdn says nothing about distribution so i would first test it


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bhermerAuthor Commented:
Well, no one else has helped so points to bruintje.

I am going to  pay for SimpleOCR as a solution to my problem.

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