WSCL0100E: Exception received:

My partner and I are finished a websphere assignment and it worked last week in the same computer lab we are in today.  Now we are printing off our work to hand-in but decided to run the test yet again just to be sure.  Well now we are getting errors.  And after consuming an hour of the teacher's time another pair is also having the same problem.  We tested in another lab but it also is giving the same error.  And worse the teacher gave us some labs to do to prepare us for the assignments and when we try to run these (which previously worked) they don't work anymore.

No changes have been made to the lab (checked with the head guy himself and they have deep freeze so no student can mess em up).

The assignment involves EJBs.  We create a Calculator, CalculatorBean, and CalculatorHome using JNDI.  We have a file we run as a Websphere v.5 Application Client.  It worked last week but this week when we import the .EAR file we get this error message:

'WSCL0100E: Exception received: A file does not exist for module element having uri: PayrollClient.jar
      at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Native Method)

Does anyone have any idea?  Non of the, or files mentioned exist in the workspace.  We are running off the c drive because we were told that it has been known to have issues running off a server drive.  The labs the teacher was testing he has used for years (he says) and this is the first time he's seen this error.

Searching it gives me solutions regarding launchClient command but the teacher says we don't use that since we go Run - Run as.. - Websphere v5 Application Client.  
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SweetChastityAuthor Commented:
We thought of that, that perhaps when we exported it we missed something, but the teacher tried his labs which, as he said, he's used for several courses now (I originally took this course back in jan of last year, hate the course but that's another issue) and his labs have always worked.  Now his labs are even giving him the same error.

My partner said the issue was resolved because he was specific about making sure we set the workspace to the C drive and for some strange reason when the option to set the workspace came up the directory started off C:\\IBM\etc... He said to remove the extra \ and it would be ok but I thought I tried that in the lab.  

Anyway I'll have a look at those links thanks!  I have one more assignment due and I dont' want any surprises.  Give me a day or two please to accept.

I removed the EJB module then I saved the server configuration. Finally, I added the application again.
It works fine for me.

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