Sync Issue Exchange Attachments new domain controllers

I am running 2003 Exchange SP2 on Windows Server 2003 SP1
2 DC's Windows 2003 SP1

Over this past weekend I implemented two new dc's to replace two older dc's.  I transferred all roles and made both of them Global Catalog servers.  I am now experiencing problems with email attachments.  Any email that is sent to our exchange server is now found in the Server Failures folder in Outlook and a sync issue message is also produced in the Sync Issues folder.  Here is a copy of the sync issues email:

11:18:43 Synchronizer Version 11.0.6555
11:18:43 Synchronizing Mailbox 'Lastname, Firstname'
11:18:43 Synchronizing Hierarchy
11:18:43 Synchronizing server changes in folder 'Inbox'
11:18:43 Downloading from server ''
11:18:43     The following message had an error and synchronization of it was skipped (0x8004010f):
11:18:43         "test"
11:18:43 Done
11:18:43 Microsoft Exchange offline address book
11:18:43 Download successful

All other email messages seem to go through fine as long as there is no attachment on them.

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Try the following:

Exchange System Manager:
Goto Recipients->Offline Address Lists->Default Offline Address list, right click and select rebuild.

If this does not help check this:

Administrative Groups>"Organization Name" >Servers> "Exchange 2003 Server">First Storage Group>Public Folder Store>Public Folder Instances

For each of the following Public Folders ensure that the newly added Exchange Server is added to the "Replication" tab by highlighting the Public Folder Instance, right clicking and selecting "Folder Properties."

OAB Version 2
Offline Address Book
Schedule+ Free Busy Information

Hope this helps,
ohmErnieAuthor Commented:
I didnt add a new exchange server, I added new domain controllers.

Is the maximum size for the database already set at 75GB for exchange 2003 SP2 or do I need to change it to reflect that number?  My priv1.edb file is 16.4GB, but I am not getting any errors in the event viewer regarding too big of a db.  Maybe this does not matter since I am not running an older version of exchange?
Sorry for that, of course only DCs.

You need to tweak the registry for the 75 GB. Look at:
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Maybe rebuild of the OAB could help also you did only set up new DCs. Exchange uses AD for its adress books.
The hex code 0x8004010f is object cannot be found. I see that most often with the OAB, not with messages.
Have you rebooted the Exchange server since introducing these new domain controllers? If not then I would suggest that you do so.
Have you removed the old domain controllers? Done anything to them other than move the roles? For example taken away the GC function? That can upset Exchange. A reboot will fix it as it forces Exchange to go looking for the new servers.


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ohmErnieAuthor Commented:
I did reboot the exchange server after I had added the new domain controllers and "powered off" the old, but a day later when I powered up the old dc's to demote them, I dont think I reboot the server.

I thought maybe it did have to do with the DB size since I found a post regarding the DB being too small and not receiving attachments.  I looked at my priv1.edb and it was 16.4GB so I thought I would do the regestry edit and make it bigger.  After I did the registry edit and made the DB 50gb, attachments seemed to be working and people that couldnt view email through webmail now could.

Simon, based on what you are saying that makes sense about the reboot.  Do you think it was the reboot that did it or the increase in maximum db size?  I never had errors in the event viewer about the DB size like I had read in a post.
Based on what you have written I would suspect the store size.

Remember that the private store is a combination of the edb and the stm file. The limit on a standard install of Exchange 2003 SP2 is 18gb, but it doesn't warn you until the limit is reached. When the limit is hit, the store will unmount - that didn't happen so you didn't hit that limit.

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