connect a wireless router to a wired router on the network

I have a wired router (Belkin) which connects several wired computers and provides an Internet access for them. I have two wireless computers that I want to connect to the network via a wireless router (Gigafast). I assume I have to connect the wireless router to the wired router but how do I do this and how do I configure them (IP address etc)
I know I could replace the wired router with the wireless router but I do not want to do that at this point.
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nprignanoTechnical ArchitectCommented:
You need to do several things:

1) Connect a PC to the wireless router and configure it to obtain its IP automatically (assuming the wired router has DHCP).

2) Configure the wireless to act as an Access point instead of a gateway (which is the default).

3) Configure desired security - best practice is to use a MAC filter, disable SSID broadcast, and at least WPA-PSK (not WEP) encryption.

4) Wireless clients will need to have their wireless MAC added to the MAC filter of the router, then you need to create an entry for the wireless network for the SSID of your wreless network (assuming you disable SSID), and finally enter the encryption key.  

5) Assuming DHCP is on the wired router, set the wireless devices to obtain their IP automatically.


NOTE: make sure you plug the wired router into a regular port on the wireless router, not into the internet port - otherwise the traffic will be routed and your client devices will not be able to communicate with the rest of the network.

jghentleyAuthor Commented:
Thanks nprignano, I have a couple of questions.
Does the wireless router receive its IP address from the DHCP of the wired router?
Do the Wireless computers receive their IP address from the DHCP of the wired router and not the wireless router?
nprignanoTechnical ArchitectCommented:
If you want all of the devices to be on the same subnet (which is the most common application in this scenario), then you have to have your wireless router be an Access Point, which means that it is merely a means for your wireless devices to connect to the rest of the network.  If you have DHCP on the wired router, than the wireless router will get its IP info from the wired router, as will the wireless devices (PCs, laptops) assuming they are setup to obtain their IP automatically.

The wireless devices will not communicate with the wireless router, instead the traffic will be passed onto the wired router as this is the wireless devices default gateway.  If you have the wireless router act as a gateway, you will have to set up routes in both routers so the devices on the wired router can communicate with the devices onthe wireless router.

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