Multipe IP's on FC4 linux server

Recently my webhost offered me the opportunity to install Fedora Core 4 64bit on my server.
I installed plesk 8.0 and everything was working just fine untill I added another IP to it so I would be able to use another service on port 80 on the same server (plesk and truedesk fyi)

But now my plesk server seems unreachable. The command I used was:
 ifconfig <eth0> inet w.x.y.z netmask

I guess I did something wrong. Can you help me out?

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You have overwrote you original IP you will need to do:

ifconfig eth0 inet w.x.y.z netmask

replace w.x.y.z with your first IP address, now to ad another IP to eth0 you do:

ifconfig eth0:1 inet w.x.y.z netmask

If you do ifconfig you should now have two interfaces eth0 and eth0:1
liquidblazeAuthor Commented:
sounds kinda logical.

so - I already got 3 ips on that box, that would be eth0, eth0:1, eth0:2 - correct?

so to do what you suggest, I'll have to:

ifconfig eth0:3 inet w.x.y.z netmask

can you confirm this?
ifconfig eth0:3 inet w.x.y.z netmask

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liquidblazeAuthor Commented:
that's what I meant.

thanks a bunch - points are yours (and a little bonus :-) )
wtf, I was robbed of points :/
liquidblazeAuthor Commented:
oh my... I didnt look at the username when I assigned them ... suggestions?
i didn't understand.... Xdamox you give a partial solution was a mistake in, i correct this error. simple. is not a robbery .
liquidblazeAuthor Commented:
actually, his comment / answer was correct as far as my first example goes.

I did indeed give a netmask of "" in my example.
never mind I have decided to up my EE way of anwsering questions I have decided to black list certain users.
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