Getting an error whilie i run a job from autosys in linux


   i am running a job from autosys which fethces the data from sysbase through isql..the command is some thing like this in the job (.sh file)
/opt/sybase/bin/isql -U otgcc_su -P abcd9098 -S DATASVCS  -e -n -w 200 -s  < m_nbr.sql > ../DATA/m_nbr.txt;

i get the ff err

   CS-LIBRARY error:
        ct_init(): network packet layer: internal net library error: Attempt to load protocol driver failed
Attempting to obtain a localized error message failed.

  The thing is that if i run the command from linux command promt it runs fine..but if i run the job from autosys it fails..can some one helpp


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This happens usually when the path settings are wrong or missing. Automated (cron) jobs usually don't have the path settings you have as root or some other user. The full paths are set in /etc/profile, which is run only when you log in.
An automated (cron) job doesn't log in, so you have to specify the path in the job script. So put the command in a script, preceded by the correct path statement and call the script from autosys.
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