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If I create my own exception is it better to inherit from applicationexception or simply exception.

Also if throwing a new exception is it best to throw an applicationexception or a base exception
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Here is an article talking about the creating of custom exceptions.  There recommendation is to inherit from ApplicationException.   Personally when I create my own exceptions I inherit from ApplicationException as well.   Here is the link:  http://msdn.microsoft.com/msdnmag/issues/02/11/NETExceptions/

As far as when throwing an exception..   I usually use    Throw new Exception("My Message") .  I am unsure of the difference of throwing base exception vs. applicationException.     Hope that helps.
Hello rocky050371,
     I liked your question as you want to handle the exceptions with your own class.

You can create a class of your own which will inherit the application exception.
Inside the class create the properties and function to catch and henadle the exceptions.

Create a exception manager class of you own for publishing the exceptions if you want with the user id or form id or form name or any other global variables present in your application.

You can even create a form where the email is sent to the support team as soon as an exception is generated using the exception manager.

If you want the code reply with requirements.


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