2 PCs + 1 ADSL Modem + 1 Switch = IP Error and no Internet :(


I have 2 PC with WinXPPro and WinXP.
Both have their NICs.
I used to share the ADSL Modem (Aztech 305EU) by plugin/unplugin the PC I was about to use.
That bored me so I got a Trendnet TE-100-S88 and connected both computers with a patch 5E cable.
I can see them in the switch (lights on) but I no signs of the ADSL modem.
It have the provided yellow cable from the modem to the switch.
The Ethernet light is off always, so it seems something is wrong.
ALSO, when I login in into both machines, they say "IP Error".

Got to tell you that both computers had the same TCP/IP config information (gateway, IP, DNS x2) because they shared connection one at time with the same modem and cable.

There's got to be a way to configure them but have no idea.

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what ip each computer has ?

do you know the internal ip of the modem ?

is the modem configured to create the connection by itself or you had to dial from within windows ?

quick google says the the Trendnet TE-100-S88 is a switch, and not a router, in that case i dont need to ask if you configured him to dial.

basicaly what you have to do is:
a) get a router that will connect to the modem and perform the dialing process,
the trendnet swich will then be connected to the router or both computer will be connected to the router (if it has more than 1 lan)

b) reconfigure the modem (if it's possible) to dial automatically -- actually transform the modem to  a router. then configure the NIC's in both computers to "talk" in the same network.
fabianlujanAuthor Commented:

The ISP tech support told me to set up each the machines with IP number.
In fact, to get into the modem I put to see the setup page.
It's configured to establish a connection always and even reconnect on disconnection.
The details for user/pass are stored into the modem setup pages.

The modem seems to stay always connected because I don't need to perform a connection. Just turn on the PC and it's working.
Seems like both PCs have the same configuration and this is a conflict.
Last night I configured both pcs on the same network name, so I presume both should work and see each other.
Couldn't try it because of an electrical shortage :(

so some tips to help you on the way...

try to see in the setup pages of the modem what is it's subnet-mask address (should be 255.?.?.?)
if you know the subnet of the modem, so in the NIC's configuration use that subnet.

if the ip address of the modem is you need to configure your NIC's to:
first computer - ip -, subnet mask - (or if you found something else) , default gateway -,
dns - primary and secondary of your ISP (tech support or even in their website)

second computer - ip, subnet mask - THE SAME, default gateway - THE SAME
dns - THE SAME

that should do the trick.

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fabianlujanAuthor Commented:
gonenra, will try this today and let you know.

"but I no signs of the ADSL modem.
It have the provided yellow cable from the modem to the switch.
The Ethernet light is off always, so it seems something is wrong."

This sounds like you need a Ethernet crossover cable be tween the switch and the DLS modem. This link explains what it is and how it's used.


You can get them anywhere you get your Cat5 cables.
I also agree with gonenra, adding a router, or replacing the switch with a router would be a better way to go.

fabianlujanAuthor Commented:
this is what I've done.

used the oem yellow cable intend to connect the modem and the pc to connect the modem and the switch into the uplink port and I can see it on the switch's lights panel.!!!!

Well, the computers can't see each other :(
Both were setup with same group, etc but nothing.

gonenra, this is the info from modem:

modem IP is
subnet mask is
default gateway (I don't know).

So, should I set for PC1 along with subnetmask and the gateway?
and PC2 with, same subnetmask and the gateway?

Believe me, but this seems chinese for me heheheheheh
well, the modem doesnt have default gateway. (and shouldnt have)

subnet seems odd.

anyway, some googling showed that you should configure your NIC's exactly as i told you,
set for PC1 along with subnetmask and the gateway
and PC2 with, same subnetmask and gateway

DNS - i would put in manual DNS server of your ISP.

if you have uplink in the switch so you dont need any crossover cable.

after the computer will be configured, check if they both enabled "printer and file sharing" (tcp/ip properties of each NIC)
is so, they should see eachother in "my network places" (usually under "entire network" --> "microsoft windows network" --> "workgroup" )
fabianlujanAuthor Commented:
Will try this tonight and see.
fabianlujanAuthor Commented:
Thank you both !!! I've resolved my problem!
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