how to organize START menu???

in windows xp you can right click / and group icons together...
how do you do this in windows 2000!?!???

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right click on start - explore all users..... right click and arrange icons by
alenknightAuthor Commented:
ummm... right.  i meant the bottom of the screen... like... you open outlook... and you now have a tab / icon at the bottom of the screen... the ones you can minimize... maximize... you know what i mean???  sorry... not sure what they are called....
On the task bar??
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alenknightAuthor Commented:
i think that's what it's called.  not the start button on the left... not the applications that are running on the right next to the clock... but all the stuff in the middle... on the bar.... like... when you open up 3 Internet Explorers... 3 instances come up on the middle....  but in windows 2000... if i open

IE, IE, EXCEL, IE  it shows it that way...

in windows xp... they get grouped under IE, and Excel.  I want it that way....
I am not sure if this works in W2k but you can try it:

Right click on taskbar(the bar between start button and clock) - properties ; check group similar task buttons. That will group the windows according to the program
alenknightAuthor Commented:
right... that's the way to do it in winxp... :)  can't do that in win2k... that's what i want to figure out how to do... :)  thanks for the effort though
Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:
Sorry that is not possible in Win2k.

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alenknightAuthor Commented:
that sucks
thanks for the answer though
Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:
I know.
Microsoft through in all the bells and whistles into XP.
Wait until you see "VISTA" it kicks butt.
Nice outlay, but takes a lot of getting use too.

I just do not like the IE7, it is "Tabbed" like "Mozilla, Firefox"
But, that is just me, In a browser, I would rather keep it like IE itself.
But, Microsoft has fallen into that boat with the rest of them, trying
To make sure that everyone continues to use their browser instead
Of someone else's.

Who cares right? Microsoft is making enough money on their OS's
They do not have to worry about IE, as it is FREE.
But, maybe there is something else we may not know about, ya know?

Take Care
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Windows 2000

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