Internet Randomly Freezes


I have a Belkin router connected to a ntl: cable modem, and randomly, my computer keeps failing to load web pages, or load anything except the router configuration page.  

The other users in my house have no issues, leading me to believe that it is something to do with my computer.  

I am running Windows Server 2003 standard edition, and it has been working fine up till about a week ago.  

I have tried resetting the router, but to no avail.  However, when I first connect, it works fine, and if I right click the connection icon, and press Repair, it works almost immediately after it says about NetBT and Clearing the DNS cache.  

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, as I am unable to use the internet on my computer without it failing every few seconds.  

Many thanks,

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Have you updated the firmware on the router?  It sounds like there may be a bug in the firmware.  Also, is this a wired connection or wireless?


Do you have your system setup to pull dhcp from the router? If it is pulling dhcp, then your lease might be running out and your system is having an issue renewing the lease. The only other thing that I can think of might be dns related. Are you forcing any dns servers into your tcpip properties? If not try forcing and (level 3 ip dns servers).

Next time this happens try to ping the routers ip address and the level 3 dns servers. If you can't ping anything by ip address, it might be something more specific to the network adapter.
W2k-UserAuthor Commented:

Thanks for your replies.  

It's a wired connection, and I've set it up for static IP's.  

I think I might have it fixed just now though by reinstalling TCP/IP and resetting the Winsock registry entries.  

Sorry, and thanks again,

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W2k-UserAuthor Commented:
Well that was a short-lived success.  It's back to it's old tricks again.  

I reset the router to it's default settings and it'd been working lovely for the last hour or so.  

Oh and if I try to update the firmware it says there aren't any updates.  
W2k-UserAuthor Commented:
It's worse than it was before now.....  Maybe it'd be best to just reinstall Windows again!  
You might want to check if your Windows DNS server is started, and if it is, set up to forward  to a valid DNS server (maybe the router / cable modem). If the DNS server is for an Active Directory then you will need the DNS in TCP/IP settings to be  pointing to the local host address; 127..0.1.
W2k-UserAuthor Commented:
Could it have been ZoneAlarm ?  

I reinstalled everything and it was fine until I installed that, and it seems to be fine now that Generic Host Process... has the Internet Server option set to Allow.  

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