How to remove write protection from SD3 card

I store cell phone pictures on an SD3 card.  I bring photos into my computer via tan adapter that uses a PCMCIA slot.  When copied, I want to remove them from the card but I get a message that they cannot be deleted until I remove write protection on the card.  I need help carrying out this removal.  I can delete photos on the card using the cell phone's photo menu but it is time consuming because you have to do it one photo at a time.
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I cant find any info on a sd3 card, if its an sd card all the cards i have have a little switch on the left side to enable and disable write protection. Mini and micro sd cards dont have this switch on them but the adapter that comes with most of them does. If you have a micro or mini sd card and dont have an adapter you many need to buy one to disable the write prtection.
Heres a link to a mini sd to sd adapter
I couldnt find just a micro sd adapter but heres a 128 micro sd card that comes with an adapter for $10
dparrotAuthor Commented:
Thanks.  I didn't think to look at the adapter.  That solved the problem.
Cool glad i could help
It's better to remove all copied pictures from your cell phone, not from PC (it's true also for all kinfs of digital cameras).
Otherwise your SD3 card may become unrecognised on your phone.
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