Constant ICMP echo request


A user who is running Linux had asked for email access to a 2000 Exchange server so I showed her how to access via OWA. Now my PIX is throwing Warnings from the Linux box to the exchange server "IDS:2004 ICMP echo request on interface inside" about once every second.

Is there an explanation for this? What is the correct method of fixing this without asking the user to close the browser or setting up a rule in the PIX?
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JCarson_Author Commented:
I should mention that the warnings are being recorded on a Kiwi Syslog server, the Pix is not affecting the Linux box or the exchange server.
Keith AlabasterEnterprise ArchitectCommented:
Can't say I know much about Linux at all but i have no similar traffic coming from my BSD Unix box to my OWA server. There is certainly no icmp traffic from any other clients to my OWA.

If you block the icmp requests from the linux box, does her OWA stop functioning?
If their using NIX, you might want to make sure where it is pointing for DNS. I saw a similar problem today, Solaris server wanting to send mail, but couldn't get a good nslookup on the Ip, so was sending ICMP requests.
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someone started a simple ping, your IDS should have recorded the IP, go to that mashine and stop ping

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JCarson_Author Commented:
- Keith, I don't know how to block the icmp requests. I tried putting in a command in the firewall, but I am still getting the warnings in the Kiwi syslog.

- jabiii, I will try your recommendation

- ahoffmann, I don't have IDS (yet)
also being liinux, I forget if you have tcpdump or snoop think it's tcpdump, you dump your interface for proto 1 or port 53. will show you any icmp and or dns requests on the linux box.
> I don't have IDS (yet)

and what does this mean then?

> "IDS:2004 ICMP echo request on interface inside"

ok, the device which reported this messages should also know from which IP it came, that's what I meant with "IDS"
JCarson_Author Commented:
I thought you were referring to an Intrusion Detection System. The line came from Kiwi Syslog with the ip addresses omitted. I know the source and the destination, but I didn't see a ping command running on the box. I will reboot it and see if that fixes it.
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