Forcing ethernet port to active status

I have a dual homed Linux Server running Fedora Core 4.  I only have eth0 plugged in during boot up so when it boots only eth0 comes up active and eth1 is inactive.  Is there a way to force eth1 to come up active automatically on boot up?  I need to be able to do this for testing purposes.  

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ifconfig eth1 up

will force the interface to become active. In order to make this occur during startup, add the command to the file:



Make sure you set an ip address for both network cards.
In FC4, you can set ip address by

# system-config-network

On eth1, make sure you set STATIC ip address, not dynamic.
If you set dynamic (DHCP), the boot up process will take longer time to boot up.

To comfirm the ip addresses,
# ifconfig

To check the cable is connected or not,
# mii-tool
add the following to


This will shut off link detection and cause the adapter to activate at boot time


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