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Kind of an interesting problem.

I have a print server that has about 10 IP printers, either with on board JET direct cards or boxes. Every time a print job goes to a printer, the printed items stays in the view and is listed as "Printed" instead of disappearing like the others. I have 4 printers that do this, but I need to shut this off completely. This is a big problem, as if the spooler service takes a dump, I'll need to restart the service and all 1000 pages will be printed again.

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in the properties of the printer, the advanced section, have you made sure the option "Keep printed Documents" is unchecked?
JoeteckAuthor Commented:
Yes, its un-checked.
Have you also tried the option "print directly to printer" (this should not need to spool to HD)?
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JoeteckAuthor Commented:
But then it spools to the local workstation instead of the server... We don't have high end systems here. They would feel it.

Any other solution?
None at this time...
JoeteckAuthor Commented:
I tried it anyway, but it still keeps the spool on the server...
JoeteckAuthor Commented:
How does that help me? I'm not a programmer...
considering you have looked at basic windows options i figured that like most companies you may have or may no of someone who can script    just an option
4 of your 10 do this?  What is common among them?  You say you have Jetdirect boxes or cards.  I assume each printer is setup the same in Windows, so the problem must lie on the printer end, with the Jetdirect.  I would try getting a firmware update for the Jetdirect, and even the particular printer, if you can find.  One way to test is to swap out the Jetdirects, putting one from a printer that doesn't do this onto one that is doing it.  Change the IP on the Jetdirect, so that the server bascially thinks it's seeing exactly the same thing as before.  Make no changes on the server end, see if it clears up.  In any case, you still wanna update all the firmware.
JoeteckAuthor Commented:
Why would the firmware be the problem, when the print jobs stay on the server?
If the Server is setup the same for all 10 printers, but 4 of them won't clear, then it must be getting bad info back from the Jetcards (or printers).  Besides this is always a good first step.  The swap out of good-for-bad, will help narrow your problem down.

I did notice that 2 people were the owners off all the stuck jobs.  Do they have the proper security rights to the Print queue?  Check security.

Also, go to the General Tab, click on [Printing Preferences].  Then, go to the Job Storage tab, make sure "Job Storage Mode" is turned off.  
JoeteckAuthor Commented:
I don't have a "job storage tab"
JoeteckAuthor Commented:
I just installed a new printer with a brand new 170X print box. That too is keeping the printed documents.
The "job storage tab" is part of the driver. Some have it, some don't.  

You may have an older version of the  HPDCMON.DLL  file.  Check this site, which describes the problem, and walks you through updating the file.

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JoeteckAuthor Commented:
Nice work!!!

3dNOVA to the rescue!!

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