Partition Magic Logs

Any information on where Partition Magic keeps its logs, task info, etc. I recently resized a partition and ran into problems and would like to see what partition magic thought it was trying to do. I'm guessing because of the way partition magic creates tasks, there has to be some sort of log, etc. that lists partition info before task, after tasks, etc.
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ruggerrickAuthor Commented:
probably easy, but kinda urgent
Well, I did a google search for "partition magic log file" and I found this site where there is a .pdf file which consists of the Partition Magic 7.0 User Guide:

Starting on page 99, there is a description of the command line parameters that can be used with Partition Magic Pro.  It appears you can specify the location yourself of a log file (it doesn't say whether or not one is automatically used if you don't specify one).  Here is a representative quotation from that page:

Whenever the program is run from a script, it is suggested that a log of
all that occurred should be kept. The /LOG parameter is most useful
when used with the /CMD parameter to review exactly what happened
during the script execution. The /LOG parameter will specify the name
of a file where all output will be directed. The output will appear as if a
user had been executing the program through keyboard input,
displaying each script command and all that happened because of that

To specify a log named RESULTS.FIL, the command line would be:
Do not attempt to modify the partition on which the log
file is created. The log file is created on the partition
that PQMAGIC is run from. If you need to modify this
partition, do not use the /LOG switch. Doing so will
damage your partition.

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ruggerrickAuthor Commented:
Running through a similar action in VMware I found that 2 files are "dropped" into c:\windows\temp, a debug file and a script file. These are the files that list the actions being taken and the previous and future settings
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