missing hidden field

Hello expert ,
I have hidden field in a jsp
<input type="hidden" name="actionRequired"/>

I set the value in a javascript as below

                   alert("passed validation criteria");
                  if(document.forms["limsRecordAdvancedSearchForm"].elements["useAltSearch"].checked == true)                                 
                        document.forms["limsRecordAdvancedSearchForm"].elements["actionRequired"].value = "ALTERNATESEARCH";
                  /*else if(trimString(document.forms["limsRecordAdvancedSearchForm"].elements["recordNo"].value) != "")
                        document.forms["limsRecordAdvancedSearchForm"].elements["actionRequired"].value = "SINGLERECORD";*/
                        document.forms["limsRecordAdvancedSearchForm"].elements["actionRequired"].value ="ADVANCEDSEARCH";
                        alert("setting actionRequired as" +actionRequired");

The filed needs to set itself to ="ADVANCEDSEARCH" which it does , I check it with alert statment ,
but in the action class when i try to read the parameter

actionRequired = request.getParameter("actionRequired");
is get a empty string .
Why would something like this happen , where could i be lossing the data for the hidden field .

plz advice
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Tommy BraasCommented:
Post to the JSP TA, this TA is for Java questions.
Your form needs to be submitted in Order to propogate the hideen fields to the next request.

Just ensure that your form is getting submitted.

and the code <input type="hidden" name="actionRequired"/>
should be inside


eldoz12Author Commented:
yea it is between

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Ensure that the form is submitted to propogate the value of the hidden field.

form.submit is called.
Use getParameterNames() on the rquest object in your action class to get a list of all the args that are being passed to the servlet.

This should help you debug, remember that java is case sensitive - could that be the problem?

Note also that if the value you are getting is an empty string as opposed to null, then you are probably reading the value correctly at your action class end, which means that the javascipt itself isnt working. If you were trying to read a value that doesnt exist, im pretty sure you would get a null value


<html:hidden property="actionRequired"/>

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