Rebuild raid 5

Rebuild raid 5 NT4 server I replaced a bad hard disk I opened disk administrator and it shows the 3 drives.
Drive 1 ,2, 3
If I choose drive 1 it also highlights drive 3 and and the bottom it says striping with parity#3 (Healthy) the same happens if I choose drive 3 but if I choose drive 2  it shows it as  free space
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is this a software raid or a hardware raid? if its a hardware raid what controller are you using and what management software has been installed for it also include the brand and model of the server.
Hi there

As per above what kind of system is this ?.

I'll assume hardware raid. If it is a perc controller then try the following.

Do you have any specific software for the controller installed. ?


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What is the Software name ?

Best Regards !
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I think from the desription that this is a software (Windows DM ) array.

If drive 2 was the failed drive, then this explains why it is showing as freespace as it has not yet been initialised.

Now, when it comes to rebuilding a software RAID 5 on NT4 - I'm not sure if it can be done through the DM. I think you may be looking at data recovery of some kind.

Can you give us the Controller brand and model ?

NT doesn't do Raid 5 alone ! ( Never did, and never will ), only Hardware Based !

Best Regards !
Good point mcp_jon,


If the user can access the individual drives in Disk Manager (according to the question), then it would seem to me that DM is managing the array. Most RAID controllers present the RAID container to the OS and not the individual drives. If it states 'Striping with parity' as described in the question, then this is more descriptive of RAID 3 or 4, as RAID 5 would be 'Striping with distributed parity'.

Could lunderwood post a link to a screenshot of DM so we can work out exactly if it is hardware or software based RAID ?


Ok, this is going to confuse now . . .

If you right click one of the Disks, can you see a "rebuild" option ?

3 Drives, and all being seen individual, sounds like if it had an Array, it's gone  . . .

Best Regards !
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