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I have recently found a website which has created a page which only contains links to images on my website which they then suggest to their users to use a program ( to download every image in the directory.

Is there a way to keep this program from being able to directly link and download my images. If they are going to steal them I at least want them to go to a large amount of effort. Or perhaps there might be a way to place a watermark on the images that this program tries to download so at least my website gets some credit for the imges?
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Muhammad WasifCommented:
also look at this
view "prevent hot-linking" topic on the following link
I f you look in the control panel on your website, they might have the system in place to stop hot linking all you'll have to do is activate it.

Photoshop allows you to set a batch process to add watermarks to the images. Basically, you tell it which directory to run on, it loads each picture, places the watermark, resaves, and closes the picture, moving on to the next in the folder (or wherever you tell it). Perhaps the watermarks will make users visit your site directly?

Just a thought,
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