Purchase Order Form in MS Outlook ?


I would like to design a custom form in MS Outlook, to be used by users within my company, for issuing Purchase Order requests.  I am fairly new to this kind of thing, but I have had some success designing a form (using tools such as drop down boxes, formula fields .....etc), but what I need to know is if this data can be saved from the Outlook custom form to an external data source, such as an MS Access database.  From an auditing point of view, we have to keep a record of all purchases that we issue.

Any help would be great ............ Thanks !
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Just as an FYI, any forms designed in Outlook can only be viewed in any normalacy in Outlook.  An associate of mine designed a status report in Outlook and while it was decent in OL, it was gibberish in OWA.

I have yet to export stuff out of Outlook to anything...

that just my 2 cents, but below are the tutorial urls.






I just saw the word auditing.  What's the criteria or important points that the auditor wants if the auditor want to review the transactions?

You may also need some way of validating that purchase order request, and maybe serializing them to make for an easily trackable system.

David LeeCommented:
Hi lucour,

> what I need to know is if this data can be saved from the Outlook custom
> form to an external data source, such as an MS Access database
Yes, it can.  Are you familiar with connecting to Access using ADO?  

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lucourAuthor Commented:
Thanks BlueDevilFan ............ No, I am not familiar with connecting to Access using ADO.  Do you have any examples ?

Thanks !
David LeeCommented:
Here you go.

    Dim adoCon
    Set adoCon = CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
    With adoCon
        'Change the name of and path to the database on the following line
        .ConnectionString = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=C:\MyDatabase.mdb;Persist Security Info=False"
        .Execute "INSERT INTO MyTable (Field1,Field2) VALUES(Value1,Value2)"
    End With
    Set adoCon = Nothing

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lucourAuthor Commented:
Thanks BlueDevilFan ........ I ran a test with your code and it worked.  However, I don't want to export hard coded values to the Access table.  I want to export the values that have been inserted into the fields on the custom Outlook form.  For example, field name ItemQty1 on the Outlook form would write to field Qty1 in the Access database ; ItemPrice1 would write to Price1 ......... and so on.

Do I substitue 'VALUES(Value1, Value2)' for something else ?

Thanks !
David LeeCommented:
> Do I substitue 'VALUES(Value1, Value2)' for something else ?
Yes.  That was just an example showing the syntax.  You'll want something like this:

    INSERT INTO MyTable (Qty1,Price1) VALUES('" & Item.ItemQty1 & "','" & Item.ItemPrice1 & "')"

David LeeCommented:
Any update, lucour?
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