Netgear FVG318 and ProSafe Client - Can't get connection.


I've purchased a Netgear FVG318 Wireless VPN Firewall Router so I can connect to the office network from home.  I've followed the documentation and configured both Client and Router but cannot get the VPN to work.  I can access the router remotely.  Config is this:

ProSafe Client VPN Software - Notebook (XP) (DHCP from home router) - Netgear DG834G - Static IP x.x.x.x (home) - Internet -  (office) Static IP x.x.x.x - Linksys ADSL2MUE (Bridge Mode) - FVG318 - (office subnet).

When I try connect the vpn I get the following in the log file:

4-10: 20:19:16.828 Filter table loaded.
 4-10: 20:20:27.312 Interface added: on LAN "Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 2200BG Network Connection".
 4-10: 20:21:45.687 Filter table loaded.
 4-10: 20:21:45.703 My Connections\DonossOffice - Filter record 1 updated.
 4-10: 20:22:21.953
 4-10: 20:22:22.046 My Connections\DonossOffice - Initiating IKE Phase 1 (IP ADDR=XXX.160.109.167)
 4-10: 20:22:22.046 My Connections\DonossOffice - SENDING>>>> ISAKMP OAK MM (SA, VID 2x)
 4-10: 20:22:22.265 My Connections\DonossOffice - RECEIVED<<< ISAKMP OAK INFO (NOTIFY:NO_PROPOSAL_CHOSEN)
 4-10: 20:22:22.265 My Connections\DonossOffice - Discarding IKE SA negotiation

FVG318 is setup for pre-shared key.

Do I need to open up the firewall for the VPN connection, if so how do I do it?

Any help will be much appreciated.

Many thanks


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looks like either 1) your tunnels don't match up or 2) there is a FW blocking you.
If your VPN is also your FW you shouldn't have to open it but the office might.
And if your using a standard site-site VPN tunnel you need UDP 500 (ISAKMP) open to establish the tunnel, and Protocol 50 (ESP) for the data.

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DonossAuthor Commented:
I finally managed to get this working through Netgear support.  However now I can only map to fileshares using IP addresses on the VPN, how can I map my fileshares using domian names?  I assume the VPN doesn't know the DNS server address and therefore cannot use a domian name?  Is there a way to resolve this?

Many thanks
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