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Disable SSID broadcasting d-link di824vup; how?

I have a Dlink di- 824vup router and I want to prevent my ssid from showing up on the list of available networks in windows.

in my router config the option for ssid broadcasting is disabled- but I can still see it in my available networks list- can anyone else?
1 Solution
You most likely see it because you had it viewable before.  When you look at the wireless setup etc., under list of networks to connect to you will see it, just delete it out of there.  It always caches old wireless network ssid's.

But....an alternative is to change your SSID to something else...don't broadcast it then you won't be able to see it, and you will be able to sleep better at night.  :-)
Juan OcasioCommented:
It is probably showing up because your are attached to it.  If you set up you wireless connection and added it then it will show up.  Chances are if you have already disabled show SSID, then no one else can see you network unless they know what the SSID is.


Is Windows managing your wireless connection? If you have that in your list of networks to try connecting to, it might be for that reason. If you clear out all of the networks from wireless settings after disconnecting, does it still show?
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scottsch27Author Commented:
yes, in my windows networks list-
when i delete it under the wireless connection properties i am disconnected and have to refresh the list and reconnect..
Hi Scottsch27

You will always see it under your wireless networks cause the SSID is still stored on the machine you are using the wireless from. The way to get around this, is if you do a hard reset on the router, configure WEP and change the channel you are currently using the wireless on.
scottsch27Author Commented:
ok- thanks brooke
Thats alright

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