wath you think about temperature of my...

wath you think about temperature of my fan, mobo and voltage?

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lunedì, apr 10, 2006 10.29.02 pm

This module contains information about your system's temperature, voltage and cooling devices rotation speed.
Sensor Chip    
Chip Name      IT8705F/8712F
Manufacturer   Inside Technologies
Access Mode    ISA at Address 290h
CPU Core       1.74V
+2.5V          2.64V
+3.3V          3.28V
+5V            4.87V
+12V           12.60V
-12V           -11.40V
-5V            -5.25V
+5V Standby    4.92V
VBat Battery   3.36V
Cooling Devices      
CPU Fan        5153 rpm
Fan 2          not connected
Fan 3          not connected
Motherboard    31°C
CPU            114°C
This module contains information about your motherboard.
Motherboard Information      
Motherboard Model      6A6IUE19
Motherboard Vendor     Elitegroup (ECS)
Chipset Model          SiS 733 Chipset
BIOS Model             Phoenix-Award BIOS v6.00PG
BIOS Vendor            Award Software Inc.
BIOS Id                07/30/2002-SiS-745-6A6IUE19C-00
BIOS Date              07/30/02
System Enclosure or Chassis      
Chassis Type           Desktop
Chassis Lock Present   No
Boot-up State          Unknown
Power Supply State     Unknown
Thermal State          Unknown
Security Status        Unknown
Processor Info (from BIOS)      
Socket Designation     Socket A
Processor Type         Central Processor
Processor Family       Specific M1 Version
Manufacturer           AMD
Processor Version      AMD Duron(tm)
Procesor ID            00000671-0383FBFF
Supported Voltage(s)   3.3 Volts
Current Voltage        3.3 Volts
External Clock         100 MHz
Maximum Speed          600 MHz
Current Speed          1300 MHz
Processor Status       CPU Socket Populated, Status Enabled
Processor Upgrade      ZIF Socket
L1 Cache Handle        $09
L2 Cache Handle        $0A
L3 Cache Handle        N/A
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Agree... try other software, like speedfan (http://www.almico.com/speedfan.php )or MBM.
Those values are way off.
> CPU            114°C

I would try some other software to read the cpu temperature - that value is way off.  Try Everest: http://www.majorgeeks.com/download4181.html
Maximum Speed          600 MHz
Current Speed          1300 MHz

Am I reading this correctly? you are running this CPU at more than twice it's max speed? No wonder it's getting that hot!
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your cpu is too hot and the cpu fan's RPM too high.
i bet that it noisy too !
did you overclock the cpu ? atlist give him proper cool system
one fan is not enough !
>>CPU            114°C

If that WERE the case, you wouldn't be able to run this test and get this report.  You CPU would have failed already!!  Scap this "FreshDiagnose" garbage software and get something reliable!
Something is very wrong here.  Like jhance, I suspect it's the software and not the hardware.  Try Everest Home and see what results are with it.

Run everest and see what it reports as the cpu temp. If its over 70-80°C need better cooling, and if you have a 600MHz Duron overclocked to 1300MHz you definetly need a better CPU cooling solution. 114°C (237°F) if that s right im very surprised your system hasnt caught fire and that the zif socket hasnt melted.
Might as well burn it out and buy a real 1500 CPU.  Gosh, there is all of $10 difference between a 600 CPU and a 1500 CPU, like trying to squeeze milk out of a dead cow, no?
look here for the max temperature of the cpu : highest i found is 95°C , so it is too hot. Cooling needed (maybe too late already)  --check the temperature in the bios

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