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What is a high quality Network Firewall solution that you recommend?  Thanks!
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FW's to look at. The 2 most likely for you to choose would probably be Juniper or Cisco.

Firstly Juniper NetScreen FW's. They are my first choice always.

Securecomputings Sidewinder is probably the best all around FW but is very pricey.

Alot of people use the Cisco PIX so you are sure to find help if you need it.

Others like the watchguard, or cyberguard.

Exactly what type of environment are you putting it in?
pdiblasiAuthor Commented:
web hosting enviorment.  I also need a cooling solution as well.
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If you're hosting websites, dont go cheap. Your servers will get probed, prodded, violated and attacked. # of servers is critical, but a high-end router/firewall is critical. Many people consider independent firewalling from routing a key factor, so perhaps a cisco router with checkpoint firewall is a good idea.

IF however, you are on a budget, openBSD has a great firewall package built-in. Never had a security breach either, the code is written from the ground up to be secure. Takes a bit of reading/learning though, so it depends on your technical know-how. Get a server with 2 network cards, and install it from floppy (connects to internet and gets latest binaries). Mine has been running about 2 years now without fail.


Another REALLY good one.

Let usk now how it goes.
pdiblasiAuthor Commented:

You all have been really helpful.  Since this is a recommendation and I am just going to accept the first received. I wish I could split up the point. Thanks again!!
Thanks for the points pdiblasi!, You should be able to split the points as you see fit, there is an option for it when choosing the answer.
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