How to configure APC Powerchute

I have a mix of 2 domain controllers, 3 application servers, print server, web server, all plugged into two large APC UPS units.  How do I configure them to all shutdown if I loose power?
Thanks - Wayne
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You need to connect the Comm cable to a server (pick one) and then install the UPS software on it.

Configure the UPS software to run a file after being on battery... the file will  send a shutdown command to all the servers after a given amount of time when on battery. Example, you can create a POWERDOWN.BAT file with the following contents (assuming the tool is called SHUTDOWN.EXE or similar):


Preferably you'll have a toll that will forcibly shout down applications that don't respond to a normal shutdown command. PSSHUTDOWN from is a good example of a tool you might use.  In the UPS software you might put "when on low file POWERDOWN.BAT after xxx minutes.
How old are the apc units?  Are they fairly recent?  If so install the software they came with and plug in the usb adapter they came with into the pc that the software was installed on.

At that point you open their software interface and program away.  You can even set the sensitivity of the electric flow to the unit.

Note if the APC software is v6.x it will no longer work, you need v7.x of the software:
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wspjones99Author Commented:
Can I manage all of the PC's with the Powerchute software? I am not sure how to set it up if only one PC hooks into the USB connection, do I run clients on the others????
Thanks- Wayne
That's the function of the batch file, only one system needs to know the status if the UPS, once it detects it's on battery, it will run the POWERDOWN.BAT whilch will tell the other servers to power off.

All the servers (and switches/hubs/routers) should be plugged into a UPS for power, but only one machine per UPS (assuming multiple UPS's) needs to know when the UPS is on battery.
Update: Sorry, in your case I would put one DC on each UPS and configure each one with a POWERDOWN.BAT which tells ALL servers to power off, this gives you extra redundancy for powering down, although you could also split your servers and have each DC send only to the machines on the same UPS.

Example: UPS1 has DC1, APPSERV1 and WEBSERV1 connected, UPS2 has DC2, APPSERV2 APPSERV3 and FILEPRINT1

Thus DC1 would tell itself, APPSERV1 and WEBSERV1 to power off and DC2 would tell the others.

With a little effort you could even stage the shutdowns so the DC's are the last to power off (or whatever sequence you prefer).
wspjones99Author Commented:
Thanks for the info.  Have you ever used the network management software (free download at APC) in conjunction with a network management card (additional purchase) you install in the smart slot?   I called APC and they pointed me in this direction.....
 - Wayne
It's been a couple of years and even then it wasn't very much, but going through their documentation it looks like it gives you the same capability without having to create a batch file - you're registering each servers IP address with the management card. I do rememebr you end up with being able to view / manage the UPS from anywhere as the network management card gets assigned an IP address.

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