Entourage 2004 client gets duplicate of emails and unusual emails in Sent Items folder


  I have a MAC X user who is connecting to an Exchange 5.5 server.  She is one of 44 users in our organization that connects this way.  She is the only one who has this problem where some emails that come into her mailbox are duplicated.  These emails are coming from a variety of senders.  Her other problem is when her emails are saved to her sent items, it saves the email without any recipients or so she can't reference emails via people she sent to.  

We have done the following:
1.  Uninstall then Reinstall Entourage.  Duplicate emails occur again as well as the same problem in sent items.
2.  Delete all instances of duplicate emails, then more duplicate emails re-occur.

I am not a MAC expert but very comfortable on the Windows-Exchange side.  PLEASE HELP as this user has been having this issue for a while.

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First, back up the Entourage data for all the ususal reasons.  Here is a Microsoft article that will tell you where the data files are located:


Then, I would start by repairing disk permissions.  Why repair permissions when the problem is with Entourage?  Because 95% of the time, you always start a Mac OS X fix by repairing the permissions.

To do this, launch Disk Utility which is located in the Utilities folder inside the Applications folder.  Select the hard drive name on the left and then choose "Repair Disk Permissions".

Then, I suggest you download and install the latest Office 2004 update from Microsoft.


Next, I would recommend rebuilding the Entourage database.

Hold down the Option key while launching Entourage.  In a few seconds, you'll be greeted with the Entourage 2004 Database Utility.
Choose "Rebuild database".

If that doesn't correct the problem, I would delete the preference files.  They are located at:

Hard Drive/Users/User Name/Library/Preferences/com.microsoft.Entourage.plist

Hard Drive/Users/User Name/Library/Preferences/Microsoft/Entourage Preferences

Good Luck

Roy Greathouse
Roys Tech Works

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moha0018Author Commented:

  Solution worked flawlessly to an extent.  We were able to remove the duplication issue but then the sent mail issue started occurring again.  Any ideas.



Well, it's time to get some more info from you.

What version of OS X is your user running?  To find out, just go to the Apple menu in the top left corner of the screen and choose About This Mac.

What version of Entourage is in use?  To find out, launch Entourage.  In the top left corner of the screen, immdeiately to the right of the Apple, it will say Entourage.  Click on it, and the first choice will say About Entourage.

Are you using any third party anti-spam software on the Mac, like SpamSieve?

What Service Pack is your Exchange 5.5 Server running?  4?  3?

Does the problem happen on mail that is within the Exchange Server domain, outside, or both?

Roy Greathouse
Roys Tech Works

Also, please note:  Due to a billing SNAFU, I had to create a new Experts-Exchange account.  I'm now drroywyo as opposed to my original drroywy.  So... if we should get to a point where you think my answers have been of help and wish to accept my answer, please do it on a post from the new name, drroywyo.  Thanks.
moha0018Author Commented:

  Here are the answers (some from our MAC administrator).  

1.  What version of OS X is your user running?  MAC OS X 10.4.4
2.  What version of Entourage is in use?  Entourage 2004, v. 11.2.3
3.  Are you using any third party anti-spam software on the Mac, like SpamSieve?  No anti-spam, the only one is JUNK mail form entourage, but all the user has deactivated that option.
4.  What Service Pack is your Exchange 5.5 Server running?  Service Pack 4
5.  Does the problem happen on mail that is within the Exchange Server domain, outside, or both?  BOTH

Hope this helps!




What model Mac is it? (Mainly I want to know if it's PowerPC or Intel)

I think it's time to determine if the problem is with the user's preferences, the user's system/apps, or the Exchange account itself.

To determine whether it's the account on the Exchange server or not, go to a Mac where their Entourage is working fine.  Under the Apple, choose System Preferences, then Accounts.  Click on the plus sign to create a new account.  You can name it "test" or some such.  Log out of the "real" account and log into the "test" account.  Configure Entourage to use the account from the person who's having the trouble.  If the same problem occurs with the sent items, then you know the problem is with that user account on the server.  If it doesn't, you know the problem is with the Mac that's having trouble.

If it's the server, you'll probably need to delete the account completely and then recreate it.

If it's the Mac, then create a test user on it just like we did earlier.  If the test user DOES have the problem, we know it's not just preference files but a problem with either Entourage or the OS.  We'll get back to that in a minute.

If the test user DOES NOT have problems, then you simply have corrupt preferences again.  Refer back to my first e-mail to delete them.

If the problem is with Entourage and/or the OS, delete ALL of the Microsoft preference files, and then delete the entire Office 2004 application folder.  Reboot the computer and then reinstall Office 2004 and all of it's updates.

If you still have a problem, it's probably with the OS, and we'll need to do an Archive and Install.  More on that if it's needed.

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