Promote Application Server and Demote Domain Controller Windows 2003 Server

Current Environment: I have a single Windows 2003 Server that is a Domain Controller with AD and is running DNS. I have a single Windows 2003 Server that is a basic application server.
Goal: I want the single Windows 2003 Server that is the DC with AD and DNS to become purely an Application Server not running DNS. I want the single Windows 2003 that is a basic application server to become the DC with AD and DNS.
Can you outline a step-by-step procedure and in what order I must do to achieve my goal. I want all accounts (user and computer) to be pulled over onto the new DC.
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Then promote the App server, move the FSMO roles, then demote the current DC.  Don't forget to make the App server a GC before demoting the original server.

If any of these servers has Exchange, you CANNOT change the role of the server it's installed on - Exchange will break.

What kind of servers are these?  If they are brand name servers with similar low-level hardware it may be possible to simply move the drives between servers.

Walter PadrónCommented:
Hi donaljcox ,

The order is, first promote your app server then demote your DC

Steps outlined here
Free Tool: Port Scanner

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donaljcoxAuthor Commented:
HP and Dell. However, I cannot afford to move drives between servers.The current AD server is running an important database so I do not want to do this.
donaljcoxAuthor Commented:
Exchange is not on any of the servers. Do I need to add DNS before I promote the App server or do I do this afterwards ?
Do it afterwards.

Once the App server is a DC, make it a GC.  
Make sure the DNS zones are all AD Integrated on the original DC.
Install DNS to the App server.  DO NOT create anything manually.
Restart Netlogon service on the new DC.
Wait for DNS to replicate.
Move the FSMO roles gracefully and allow an hour of steady state before demoting anything.
Turn off the old DC to test the client connectivity before you demote it.  You'll spot any issues once the old DC is off.

You should be good to go.

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