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crystal reports Format sum of datediff to DD:HH:MM:SS

I need to output a formula field to the format DD:HH:MM:SS.  I am calculationg the datediff of a starttime and endtime and then summing the result.  I separated these out into NumDays, NumHours, NumMins, NumSeconds.  Now I want to string these together in this format DD:HH:MM:SS.   My problem is I keep getting 1 instead of 01 if the value is in single digits.  Example  1: 5: 2:56  for 1 day 5 hours, 2 minutes 56 seconds.
I tried the following but it isnt working
Totext({@NumDays},'##') & ":" &
Totext({@NumHours},'##') & ":" &
Totext({@NumMins},'##') & ":" &
Any ideas?
1 Solution
You are on the right track, except that you need to use '00' instead of '##':

Totext({@NumDays},'00') & ":" &
Totext({@NumHours},'00') & ":" &
Totext({@NumMins},'00') & ":" &
tegronakronAuthor Commented:
Thanks it worked!

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