Outlook 2003 Users recieving error after Exchange migration

I recently migrated exchange from a SBS 2003 server to a dedicated exchange 2003 server.  Everything is working fine except when the users click send/recieve they get the following error: "Task 'Microsoft Exahgne Server' report error (0x8004010F): 'The operation failed. An object could not be found."  

I have tracked this back to an error with teh OAB.  I have read instructions telling me to rebuild it, however, under Recipients in ESM, I do not have a folder labeled Offline Address Book.  

I do have a folder labeled Offline Address Lists.

I am assuming the OAB never replicated when i migrated servers so I guess i have to recreate it... Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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I assume that you followed KB822931, or one of the similar KB articles to move all of the system folders to the new server.  Is it possible to stand that old server back up and move the folders and their location?  If not, you may have to reset the system folders as noted in KB275171.

Another item is that the old system may be configured to generate the OAB/OAL, and you need to update it.

dbrosnanAuthor Commented:
Going back to the 'Default Offline Address List', I went to the properties and actually browsed for my 'offline address list server'. Though it appeared to put the exact same name back in, this resolved the problem for me...
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