LiveUpdate Error in Norton Internet Security 2006

I recently downloaded Norton Internet Security 2006 to upgrade my 2005 version and something in the installation went wrong because I can't get LiveUpdate to work right.  When I run LiveUpdate, it downloads the files but hangs during the installation, especially with files designated for the Norton Protection Center.

First, I tried downloading the LiveUpdate files, de-installing LiveUpdate and then re-installing it.  That didn't work.  Then I tried removing both LiveUpdate and NIS with the Control Panel Add-Remove Software utility, rebooting, re-installing, and rebooting again.  But that also didn't work.  Then I tried removing all my Norton software with the SymNRT, rebooting, re-installing, and rebooting.  But that unfortunately also didn't work.  The installation process takes approximately 90 minutes to complete and when it finally finishes, I get the error message:  LU1812 with the Norton Protection Center listed as "failed".

Would anyone know of a way out of this problem?
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You can try running the online LiveUpdate:

Reinstall and update LiveUpdate:

Uninstall NIS2005 following these steps:

Reboot and do a clean reinstall.


Uninstall NIS2006 following the step by step described above.

Reboot and do a clen reinstall.

That should do it.

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You have to remove all the norton entries from registry also. If you are uninstalling and reinstalling Norton.

The Path is

go to start -> run->regedit.... search for Norton and remove all the entries..
Wayne0406Author Commented:
I tried all of the above, but unfortunately also with no luck.  This time I not only tried de-installing with SymNRT but also with the batch file and the Cleanup file but the results were then even worse than before:

"LU1801 LiveUpdate was canceled.  You should run LiveUpdate again later to retrieve any available updates."

I notice after I do a complete de-install, there are still files in Programs/Common Data/Symantec Shared.  I tried deleting the Symantec Shared Folder but got an error message saying "symlcnet.dll could not be deleted.  It is write-protected."  It seems this anti-virus program is worse than a virus.  I can't seem to get rid of it.  I haven't tried the registry work yet but that is next on the list.  I don't feel confident about jumping around in the registry deleting entries with Norton in them.  Does anyone know of a safer way?

I also tried jabiii's suggestion of running the AutoFix Tool but it hangs at the second step for me and won't go any further.  After a five or six minute wait, it finally says "This Page cannot be Displayed".  I tried disabling all my anti-virus software, firewalls, and reducing my security level thinking something there may be blocking it, but still no luck.

Any more suggestions?
>>It seems this anti-virus program is worse than a virus.<<

You're not alone...

The 3 steps cleanup usually works well. Weird it didn't help you.

Do you have a restore point that you can go back to?

Wayne0406Author Commented:

I unfortunately can't get my system restore to work right either.  I set a restore point but when I try to go back to it, I get the reply message "Nothing could be restored".  I was therefore interested in Symantec's GoBack utility but after about the third de-install/re-install of that program, it failed and messed up my master boot record, so I dumped it entirely.

Any other ideas of what I can do?


I assumed you were running Windows XP.

Am I correct?

once you remove the programs av and live update from add remove programs, you need to manually go through and delete the folders.     you might *hope not* have to do the same to the registry.
and then reinstall.
Wayne0406Author Commented:

I have Win XP Pro MCE.

After being in the mill with Symantec Technical Support for almost four weeks, I received today the following tip and it seems to work:

De-install LiveUpdate with the Add/Remove Software utility in the Control Panel.
Go in and manually delete the following files:  C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Symantec\LiveUpdate any files with "Settings.LiveUpdate"
Go in and manually delete the following folder:  C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Symantec\LiveUpdate\Downloads
Re-install LiveUpdate

Now I get "LiveUpdate Express", which seems to go much faster than the normal LiveUpdate.  Does anyone know if they are the same?

I am also now debating whether to re-install Norton SystemWorks 2006 with the GoBack feature.  I believe I still have corrupted GoBack files in my master boot record and wonder if re-installing the feature would just get me in big trouble again.  Could I have your thoughts please?


On the LiveUpdate Express (thank God, no Norton/Symantec on my machines!):

How LiveUpdate works

LiveUpdate operates in either Interactive or Express mode. In Interactive mode, LiveUpdate downloads a list of updates available for your Symantec products. You can then choose which updates to install. If you run LiveUpdate in Express mode, LiveUpdate automatically installs all the updates for your Symantec products.

Basically it's the same, only you don't really see what's installing.

I believe you can change the settings using the LiveUpdate icon in control Panel.

IMO, regarding GoBack, I wouldn't install it but would rather sort out the problems of System Restore.

Good luck,


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This is an interesting article on SR that may help you:

Windows XP System Restore Is Easy to Use

Wayne0406Author Commented:
Many thanks to all who contributed!
Thank you, Wayne.

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