Simplest concatenation

I have been given the task of developing a database for our lab and so I am very much a beginner. Excuse the
simple question.

How do I write the calculation for concatenating 5 fields?
RP #
I tried RP# & Tank & Rack & Level & Position  and it only shows the RP #
I have tried other variations with the " " and "_" and I can't figure out this simple task.
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& is the correct concatenation sign, if it does not work, the pb is somewhere else: is the calculated field the correct type (text?)
by calculation, do you mean to define a calculated field or just to chain these fields to show them in a layout?
nravidaAuthor Commented:
It is in text mode
I was attempting to make a unique field by combining these five fields.
I was under the impression all I had to do was give it a calculated value as
RP # & Tank & Rack & Level & Position

I basically need a way for the inventory sheet to recognize this field versus all the other vials that may be frozen with the same RP# in the same tank, rack, level but a different position.
I was under the impression all I had to do was give it a calculated value as
RP # & Tank & Rack & Level & Position
it is correct...

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nravidaAuthor Commented:
I figured out what I had done wrong. I had checked the box labeled "Do not replace existing value of field" and therefore it would only paste the first field I filled in. I appreciate your help without it I wouldn't have known it wasn't the actual concateenation that was wrong but that small piece. :)
ha! so that was not a calculated field, but an auto-entered field from calculation, and it does have that feature.
major differences between calculations and auto-entered fields:
calculation fields do not store values, they are calculated upon display or print; they are dynamic and cannot be changed by any user.
auto-entered field (if do not replace... is off) are also dynamic upon other field change, store the result in the database, and can be altered by a user. But on any change of any of the fields which are making it, thay will be recalculated again. searching in this type of field is quicker.
nravidaAuthor Commented:
Like I said, I am a serious beginner and therefore know none of the vocabulary. Just a simple lab tech thrown the job of making our database gel.  Sorry about the confusion but thanks again. I am sure there will be many future questions.
lab tech thrown the job
we're many who started this way!
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