pop3 timeout 0x800ccc19 - Outlook Express 6

IBM Thinkpad; Windows XP Pro SP2; Outlook Express 6.00.2900.2180 (sp2); Norton Internet Security 2005

I'm having problems receiving mail from a pop3 server.  I looked at the pop3.log file and the connection is made ok, the user is authenticated ok; the server reports the number of messages ok. Outlook Express starts 'receiving mail' and eventually times out.  

I have increased server timeout to 3 minutes
I have disabled Norton Internet Security
I can send mail just fine. General internet connectivity is fine.

This only seems to happen when I use my wireless connection. If I plug the pc into the phone jack and dial up, then things seem to work ok.  I have another pc on the same wireless network that receives mail just fine using Outlook Express and Outlook. The other machine is Windows XP home edition SP2, but I don't know if that (Pro / Home Edition) is significant.


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Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
Temporariliy disable WEP and/or WPA, do you connect now?  if not, move the computer closer to the router. report back.
can you go wired?
can an admin go in and fish out the message that is probably stuck?  Maybe to big or corrupt.  Try webmail access to verify there is something there trying to POP.
POP3 can drive network admins crazy with it's instability.
Norton is likely the cause.  I have seen this many times with wireless/ethernet connections, as well as with Norton randomly bombing out in the middle of an email transfer.
That POP3 'filtering' 'proxy'/'gateway' that it installs to 'scan' your email is likely not bound to your wireless interface properly.
I assume your internet works fine while you're on wireless, correct?

Do a local test first:
Start, run, cmd
and at the telnet> prompt, do:
open POP3IPAddress 110
So, like "open mail.domain.com 110"
Do you see the POP3 login banner show up from your ISP?

Have you attempted to uninstall/reinstall Norton?  Verify that your POP3 server settings are pointing to your actual email server, and not your Norton scanning proxy.

Honestly though, long solution to this problem: Try to fix Norton.  Short and painless: Rip Norton out and use a real antivirus product like F-Secure Client Security 6.  Norton causes headaches... lots of them.

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Agreed...Norton is a pain.

Before you rip it out (uninstall), temporarily disable it by right clicking on the icon in the system tray and "disable internet security" (try to fix norton) and then try your send/receive.  That's really J_H_O's solution in more technical terms.  :)

Also, delete any mail in the "outgoing" box...and recreate drafts, etc if you have any.  

This will isolate Norton as the culprit if your email suddenly works.  

Lastly, try a decent FREE email client such as Thunderbird:  http://www.mozilla.com/thunderbird/

Please provide your results.
RockjodoAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all of the ideas. Following are some answers:

1) WEP is not used. I have done nothing to enable WAP, so I presume it is disabled.

2) Messages do not appear to be stuck. I say that since I can disable the wireless connection, go dialup and download the mail ok

3) I am getting connectivity to the pop3 server. I setup Outlook Express to create a pop3.log and I can see that the connection is made, the username is sent and acknowledged, the password is sent and the user is authenticated ok and pop3 correctly reports the number of messages that are on the server.  POP3 appears to start the download, but then stalls and times out.

4) I have tried diabling Norton using the popup menu on the system tray ('Disable Norton Internet Security')

5) I did not try Thunderbird, but did try installing Outlook 2002 a week ago and had the same problem, so I assumed that the problem was not with the Outlook Express client

6) The pop3 timeout problem happens with small text messages as well as larger emails

7) POP3 server settings are pointing to the email server - pop3.ktis.net

8) I occasionally experience problems connecting to the internet. When this happens I can get my home page (google.com), but can not reach other sites like yahoo or msn.  If I type 'yahoo.com' in the browser address bar, the browser says that it is opening page http://www.yahoo.com; but then it hangs.  When this problem occurs I reboot the PC and the router and everything works again.

9) This problem happens with the PC right next to the wireless router with excellent signal strength

I'm not sure if the problem is with Norton since dialup seems to always work and disabling Norton does not resolve the issue

Thanks again

Ok...let's eliminate or isolate wireless as the problem.

Does your wireless device have ethernet ports (not the same as dial up phone jack)?  Better yet, can you plug directly into your DSL/cable modem ethernet port and do a send/receive?  That eliminates the wireless switch/router all together.  I'm pretty sure you will have the same problem, but it's worth a shot.

Check your port settings in Outlook express (you probably checked this a thousand times).  Are they set to default?  Are those the correct port settings for your mail server?  Outlook has detect and repair under the help menu if you have that instead of outlook express.

Delete and recreate the email account in Outlook express following your pop3 service provider's instructions.

Again, try a different email client ANYWAY (if the problem persists)...remember to leave a copy of messages on the server.  IF you receive email with a different client (other than the Microsoft products), then Outlook is the problem.

Also, call your service provider...do they have technical support for this?

Most of my issues like this are either Norton or the Email client (outlook/outlook express).

Let us know.

RockjodoAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the delay in getting back on this. This darn problem is intermittent and I'm trying to get the failure to occur again.
Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
cool. thank you..

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