HELP! Defrag got interrupted. Now computer won't boot.

I left the family computer (Windows 2000 Pro) defragging for several hours.  My wife came home early and closed the defrag window prematurely.   She then turned on herSIMS 2 game and played for awhile.  When she closed the SIMS, the computer hung.  She then restarted the PC and received the following error: "A disk error occured. Press CTRL+...".

After having my meal at my favorite restaurant interrupted by my wife's angry call, I hurried home and tried using the Windows 2000 CD repair process.  It failed to locate the OS.  I successfully entered the hard drive using the Recovery Console and found NTLDR and BOOT.INI (which I was able to read using the "TYPE" command).  So I'm not sure what the problem is or how to fix it.  The only thing I'm aware is possible is to install another hard drive with Windows 2000 to take all the important documents (especially the SIMS data!).

Is there any other way to recover the OS?  Any help will be appreciated.
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Hi tom12ga,

in the recovery console try a fixboot    a fixmbr   and a chkdsk /r    see how you go


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Dushan De SilvaTechnology ArchitectCommented:
Boot from CD and try to repair Windows.

BR Dushan
Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:
Dushan911 - He already tried the "Repair Option" on the Win2k CD.
tried using the Windows 2000 CD repair process.  It failed to locate the OS.

Just going to through out a few things just in case the information from "jay" does
Not work.
Disk Defrag - should not take a couple of hours to defrag the drive partition.
If the drive is set up correctly and is not HUGE and does not have a slew of Data
Involved in the drive.

Recommendation & possible scenario to your problem.
C:\ Drive = OS Installation Drive.
The C:\ drive is primarily used for Windows core drivers and programs.
Just because you have C:\Program Files
Does not mean that you "HAVE" to install every program into this drive location.

If when the system was installed, the drive was split up into multiple-partitions
Then you will have 2 (or) 3+ other partitions to choose from the install
Your other heavy loaded programs too. Example: SIMS.

What has possibly happened to your OS.

Your C:\ drive has become corrupted.
This can happen for many reasons.

#1: Installing every program to your C:\ drive instead of other partitions
As recommended by Microsoft.
(Computers that come with a Single Hard Drive that is larger then 20GB's should
Be broken up install multiple partitions and then the OS reinstalled.)

#2: The OS has not been reinstalled on a regular basis.
It is best to reinstall the OS at least:
    Once a Year - For Avid computer users
    Twice a Year - For Gamers and heavier Office Computer Users
    Three (or) More Time a Year - For Windows Programmers.

If you have another computer, then I strongly suggest that you remove
The HD and backup any critical files.
Then reboot your computer with the Win2k CD, and reformat (Partition if it is not
Already properly Partitioned) And reinstall your OS.
Start over from scratch, and follow some good house keeping guidelines for
Keeping a computer running sufficiently.

===Drive Partition Guide Lines.===
60GB+ Drives. (With optional drive type information for good housecleaning)
C:\ - 10GB --> OS Drive (Windows Drivers and certain program installs)
D:\ - 10GB --> Software Drive (Downloaded programs storage folder ;; Not install folder)
E:\ - 10GB --> Imaging (Store program that deals with imaging and your "Images")
F:\ - 10GB --> Gaming (Stores all your Gaming programs ala:SIMS)
G:\ - 10GB --> Multimedia (Store your music & Video files)
H:\ - 10GB --> Spare use as needed
(The above came be substituted for all "20GB's" if you have a LARGER Drive
And prefer not to have as many partitions)

===Recommended Folder Structure===
Example using your F:\ Drive

Folder Name | Name of game

Games         | Sims
Games         | Game#1
Games         | Game#2

===Example using your D:\ Drive===

Folder Name | Name of Software

Windows      |  Service Packs\SP4
Windows      |  Service Packs\Rollup
Media           | NERO\Version
Media          | Ripper\MP3
Imaging       | Adobe\Photoshop
Imaging       | Adobe\Acrobat Reader

This type of File\Folder structure will help to keep your computer clean.
Also, after your drive like "D:\ Software Drive" starts to get full,
Then you can burn all the programs onto a CD, and Delete out program installers
And start all over again. This time with newer programs and so forth
With your other programs sitting on the CD that you created.
(I strongly recommend a DVD Burner to be a great investment)

Good Luck, and let us know if you need any further assistance.

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@Carrzkiss, long time no see man, was beggining to wonder if you were still around! Cheers Bro
Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:
Hey Jay, yep im still around.
Been working on other projects hear lately, trying to help my Mother
Make some of her dreams come true for once, it is only fair you know?
Since our Mother's are the reason why we are all here :)
She used to own a "Western Store" So I am trying to sell-out all of her stock
for her on eBay, so she can kick back a take it easy for once :)

Take Care Jay
good on ya mate, tis a good thing to be doing :)

all the best
Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:
Thanks Jay
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Windows 2000

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