Windows XP has weird fonts on desktop and elsewere

Windows XP desktop and many other things (but not this url) has weird fonts like Wingding (if you have seen that) not a foreign language. In Safe mode, the words under the icons are in English but lots other stuff is not. In normal mode words under icons are in the weird font. In Safe mode I reinstalled the Display adapter driver and it did reinstall it (not just say the one installed was the best one). But this produced no change.

Because the fonts appear in safe mode where the default Windows video driver  is used I suspect a bigger problem than bad video driver.

Also weird fonts also appear in the screen where you click the account you want to log into.

Have you ever seen this and if so what is the solution.

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Hi mgross333,

should put your fonts back to normal for you

Yes, you have lost the Default SYSTEM fonts that windows relies on for basic windows messages.  The easiest way, I find, is to go to another system where there is no problem, and look at the C:\windows\fonts directory.  There you will see several system fonts that are missing from the computer with the problem.  Just copy them to a floppy (or across the network) to the \fonts directory of the impaired system, reboot it, and you are fine.

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Mohammed HamadaSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
Hello Magros,,,

Wingding(s) is not wierd font, it's a font used for symbols, If you have Office ( Any version) you will be notified that there is more than one kind, I guess this font is an essential part of Windows or Office..

The other issues such as icons fonts is a third party software problem, Have you tried to use any software that changes the windows xp skin recently? such as Style xp, Talisman ... etc

If yes then this could be the cause of the error, there might be some kind of conflict between this software and others on your computer, You can get rid of this problem if you copied a whole windows font folder from another machine to yours if those fonts are new to windows, if not then nothing would happend so try to change windows skin to classic to do so, Right click on Desktop --> Properties -> Appearance - > Under Windows and Buttons change to Windows Classic style, Under Color scheme change to Windows Classic, Font size - change to Normal.

If non of the above works then try the following please:-
Download this reg key and double click it, this will set the default xp font back to Tahoma.

Note: please don't forget to first download the file on your desktop..

Hope this helps.
Good Luck
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see above ^^^^ 4 hours ago....
Hi mgross333
what account are you logging onto?
Also weird fonts also appear in the screen where you click the account you want to log into

lol yes been there done that wingdings
I think this account you are logging on to is using these to hide their typing.
Or want to keep this account private, could even be a practical joke.
Whose account is it?

rebooting back from safemode did not reset your fonts to defaults?

the registry key
(s) where the default font is stored. Go to
Start>Run>regedit and navigate to the following key.

You should see in there:
MS Shell Dlg---REG_SZ---Microsoft Sans Serif
MS Shell Dlg 2---REG_SZ---Tahoma

run a scan for corrupt files at start run type in sfc /scannow

 open outlook express create an email click on the body of the message and look in the fonts right at the bottom, they come in three groups and we used to use them as a coded language same in msn yes wingdings are normal and a part of windows fonts.
Fonts installed by Windows True type fonts.
Mohammed HamadaSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
Opps Sorry Jay I didn't notice the link you have posted...
Points are yours ;-) lol
nuh nuh tis all good   no worries :)

guessing it hasnt worked yet anywayz!
mgross333Author Commented:
Thanks to all for their comments. I regret that I did not check back and see Jay_Jay70's post 2 minutes after I posted. Anyway the customer gave me an hour to fix it, I failed and he booted me out with a minimum fee paid. Also as I was booting into Safe mode I spotted the Windows/fonts directory being loaded but did not have the thought at tht time of copying files to it from a working PC (there were two other PCs in the house but they may not have been running Win XP Pro).

Anyway customer decided to backup all personal files and do a reformat install using considerable time from his MIS guy at work to do all this (PC to PC backup). If he did not have access to that person the result would have been different that nite. But basically I had a FREE competitor waiting in the wings. Otherwise he would have been stuck with me, I would have seen the EE posts and come back again (it was 9 PM (6 PM PDT) when I left and they wanted to put the kids to bed).

I have assigned points to the first two posts as they seem most likely to have worked. Though really I will never know.

remember for future customers with more sense -- my solution works, try it next time, its simple and quick.
thankyou for the points :)

scrathcboy - i find it interesting that you think yous is a quick process - sounds long winded to me having to compare two machines
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