How to Get a Description Listed in Google under my Website title.


I have a website:

I can find it in Google when I type the keywords "computer tutor." The blue Google link says "Kara the Computer Tutor and Troubleshooter." But the only thing below it is "". There is no descriptio of the site. I must not have put it in the correct place on my website. Can someone tell me where to type my site's description so it will show up in Google?


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If the keyword a user is searching on is included in your Meta description tag, then this is what will show up in Google, instead of displaying basically nothing except your domain name.  

The meta description tag describes your site's content and for each web page too.  Your Meta description tag gives search engines' spiders an accurate summary filled with multiple keywords. If your Meta Description Tag is too long, a snippet of it will be displayed.  About 150 characters is a safe bet, but you can have more.

SOLUTION:  What you need to do is add a short Meta 'Description' Tag to your web page HTML code (between the HEAD tags) and then Google will display that.  Google used to rely on your listing at DMOZ, but no longer.  

Also, for your consecutive pages on your website, Google will often pick-up the very first text content on that page if the user happens to be searching on those keywords in your web content if a Description tag is missing.  

Keep in mind that the Meta 'Description' tag does not increase your Page Rank, but it makes a lot of sense to use the Meta Description tag as you've experienced.  You don't need to have a Meta 'keywords' Tag as today it has very little value.  But the description tag you should have.

Here are some helpful links that you might find useful:

ADD Your URL to Google:

Google Information for Webmasters:

Good Luck!

Mark Bishop

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kara334Author Commented:
I do have a meta description, but it might be in the wrong place. Let me work on this thanks.

A follow-up.

After looking at your site, I just noticed you are using Frames, which is basically a big "no-no" as search engines generally can't get past your main page (usually the one of the left-side which is first).  Search engine spiders don't understand the instructions on how to produce the frame layout.  

Thus, while you have a meta description on your 'home_page.htm,' it's not getting read.  Possibly, many of your other web pages are also being skipped right over too.  

Unless you absolutely need frames, I would remove them!  And in looking at your site, you really don't need them, in my opinion.  

If you must have frames, then you can use a NOFRAMES tag and add your content there.  Here's an example:

<TITLE>Your keyword-rich descriptive title goes here.</TITLE>
<META NAME="Description" CONTENT="Your description goes here.">
<META NAME="Keywords" CONTENT="Your important relevant keywords and keyword phrases go here.">
<FRAME SRC="contents.htm" NAME="nav">
<FRAME SRC="home_page.htm" NAME="main">
HTML CODE HERE.  Here is where you should copy all the HTML code for your main home_page content, including all your navigational links to the rest of the site also in here so the search engines can follow.

If you need any further help, you are welcome to write me directly and I will continue with my comments, free of charge.  


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kara334Author Commented:
Thank you very much Mark for the follow-up. I'm actually working on an entire new design for my website, and I will try to make it without frames. Your advice is very valuable. As I work on this revamp, I may indeed have more questions.

kara334Author Commented:
Hi Mark,

Now I have another problem. Maybe you can help me.

As I mentioned, I worked on a redo of my site. I chose a template from Dreamweaver that had no frames. I worked on the meta description and even some key words, along with some other tips I've learned. I've been previewing the pages all along in both Firefox and IE. They've been looking really sharp. This morning I finally uploaded them. The home page looks terrible! Nothing is formatted right or in the correct place. And none of the links work! I tested them several times beforehand. What can be the difference between what the previewed page looks like and what you see when you upload it? Maybe you can take a look and notice what is wrong:

Thank you very much.

kara334Author Commented:
Hi again,

I may have a hunch as to what is happening, but I don't quite know how to solve it:

When I was designing the new pages with the new template, I started sticking them into the folder on my computer that the old pages were in, and just overwriting the old pages. The pages lost all their formatting and were a mess (just like the home page on my site is now). So I created a new folder on my computer, saved the new pages in there, and transferred all the pages I needed from the old folder. Everything then worked fine.

I have a feeling the same thing might be happening on the server, overwriting old pages with the new. Maybe I should create a new folder on the server I can put the new version of my site in? If so, then how do I make my site's URLs point to that folder?

Just a hunch.

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