Clear PDOXUSRS.NET but still can't access

I have purchased a paradox db and have had no problems with it so far.  My network went down while I was in the db and now I keep getting the application err msg, "Too many users logged in." when I try to access it.  I understand a little about the file in that you can delete it and then it clears the users and then you can log in.  The application developer has even included a lockcln.exe file that does this for you.

I have deleted the on my local machine and also saw one on the share where the data is stored so I deleted that one also.  I then try to get in the db and still get the too many users error.

I'm not sure if its related but ever since this problem first occurred, I close the application after the too many users error and I get another error, "Access violation at address 00000000. Read of address 0000000."

I know what most people will say, "call the application provider."  I would but I only pd 2K for the db app and they want $500 to answer this one question because it is now out of the warranty period.  Just thought I may be able to get a $500 answer on EE.
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TheRealLokiSenior DeveloperCommented:
The application developer of the paradox db you bought may be using the tables for user locking, so there may be a table like "users.db" which has a field saying you are logged in (because you were before it crashed). If this is the case, could try database desktop, but he may have a password on it, in which case you will need to talk to him to fnd out how to clear it

I suspect the access violation is a result of the unexpected case of "not being allowed to log in because of too many connections". The developer may not have tested this case, and the application tries to continue thinking it has got some data, but ends up referencing a null or undefined pointer

I other thing you might also want to consider, is running the "Table Repair" utility (DTUtil32.exe) available from the borland site
I wrote a commandline version of this for a while back too
TheRealLokiSenior DeveloperCommented:
There are some
files in each directory that you have .DB tables in (these should go away when not in use, but sometimes stay if there is an error)

What I do is delete all of these, then delete the c:\ file
(if you can not delete the c:\ file, than it means you stiill have bde applications running)
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