WineX, Requirements/.dlls

I have a pure Slackware-current (> 10.2) system. No dual boot, no windows partition.
I cvs'd the latest WineX and installed it.
I made my ~/.wine/config file
I tried to start wineserver, but got an error about the windows system being broken.
I suspect this has to do with the fact that i just made the directories and they are empty.

What files (.dlls?) should I put in the "c:\windows" "c:\windows\system32" etc..etc.. directories?
If that's the answer I just need a list of what I need.
Can I just ftp them over from an XP pro box?

The goal is to be able to play some games (GuildWars - which supposedly has WineX support)...

Not interested in office stuff so much..
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As long as it is simailar to Wine, it can accomodate Windows DLLs in place of emulated.
This is not XP help forum on how to find dependencies, or how to ftp open files.
EchoBinaryAuthor Commented:
The question isnt so much about XP itself, or Windows at all.
I have Slackware, I want to run Wine. I guess there is a blending there. But I wouldnt consider this an XP based question.

The question -restated a different way is:
I have compiled and installed Wine,
I have made the config file and folder.
What is next? what are the req. for getting it to work on a box that has no windows partition?
It works. "wine winmine.exe" for example
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