Expert Help needed for browser control

Major problem for me: Everytime I change the Offline property on the browser control to True, it goes back to False. I need the offline property to remain True, because I need the browser to read from cache first.

My application is consuming a great deal of bandwidth, because it's not reading from the cache. I need expert help here!

Many kind thanks in advance,
John AccountAsked:
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The bool offline is just a state indicator and does nothing to affect wininet behavior. What you need to do is set the offline/online globaly thru wininet. The below link has a sample api to do just that thru setoptions:
John AccountAuthor Commented:
Whereas I think I now understand that Offline property is used to render a boolean value indicating whether or not the browser is online or offline, I don't know how the link you provided would help me to achieve what I want to achieve, pradapkumar.

Here's the problem: Everytime my browser control goes to a web page, it re-downloads everything, instead of reading it from cache first; hence draining bandwidth from my web server.

Here's what I want to achieve: If the page is in cache, grab it and all it's associated files from there first.
On every time browser searches the web page from cache first. And compare it with available version in appropriate web server if the available version is(i.e. time stamping) different one then the browser selects to download the latest version from the web server. If the available in chache is same version then it reads the page from chache and displays it. This is actually what happened in the browsers. To make ur browser control working in off line then u can try as following :
Step 1. Open web browser(i.e. internet explorer)
Step 2. Click on File -> Work Offline this will make ur browser to work off line.
Step 3. Then u can open ur application see what happens there, it will work for u.

with best wishes.
N.Pradap Kumar

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