Traffic Shaper for Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition

Here is my problem.

We have 7 client machines on our LAN, a server (acting as a router), a router (with a DSL modem), and a wireless access point. We only have an ADSL (1024 / 256) Internet Connection. We like to download/upload files, and play online games that require low latency. The problem is that when someone downloads something big, the people playing games are left with pings greater than two seconds (2000ms).

I have drawn up a diagram of our network, which can be found here:
You might also like to see this page containing information about our network:

As you can see, our Internet connection goes through my server, so to solve this problem I should only have to install a traffic shaper on that. I have tried the following traffic shapers for Windows Server 2003 and removed them for the following reasons (note that the two gigabit ethernet cards in the server are bridged via Windows).

SoftPerfect Bandwidth Manager, it didn't do what I needed it to (partly didn't support bridging properly).
iNet Shaper, caused a blue screen of death when an IP was assigned to the NIC's.
Microsoft ISA Server 2004, couldn't find the traffic shaping, and it's a much too advanced firewall for what I need. The ADSL router does all we need it to as a firewall.
Bandwidth Management and Firewall, didn't quite do what I wanted to, and it was a little odd to use.
cFosSpeed, same as iNetShaper (although this had the exact features I require it).

To be exact, I need a traffic shaper that can give priority to control packets resulting in lower pings in game with less choke, than the data inside large downloads.

Take a look at the 3 diagrams on the right of this page:

The traffic shaper at the bottom is exactly what I need, but I require one that works. I am currently using the Routing and Remote Access service with Windows Server 2003, which does everything I want but traffic shaping; preferibly if there is an add-on for this, or something I can configure in this I'd be over the moon, but I don't mind third party software (providing it works). Remember that I am a student, so I can't afford to pay enterprise solutions ;) although I still may be interested to hear your suggestion.

It's a pity the Netgear DG834 lacks a traffic shaper, that would be the best place for it. I only need to shape the traffic on our Internet connection, we use gigabit ethernet around the house so bandwidth isn't a problem.

I've been looking for a sollution for quite some time. I'd be extremely greatful if someone has an answer. Oh, and no Linux solutions please. I don't run a Linux server.

Thank you for your time.
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I found this whilst having a quick look around.  We use hardware QoS (Allot Netenforcer) which is a great product.  Unfortunately, they no longer seem to produce a SOHO size product and I think it would be excessive in terms of power and cost.

How about this...

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CombatGold1Author Commented:
Thanks, I'll give that one a try.

By the way, the network diagram is finished.
CombatGold1Author Commented:
Thank you hstiles.

Bandwidth Controller 1.07 Enterprise is working perfectly.

It's easy to configure, and now pings are stable during file downloads.
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