Shared folders not accessible on home LAN Windows XP Pro

I've looked for similar questions, but haven't found anything like mine, so please forgive me if what I'm asking has been answered zillions of times before.  Here is my problem.

I am running a wireless network.  All the machines are Windows XP Pro.  The main machine is directly connected to the internet, and all the machines, including the PDAs have no trouble accessing the internet.  However, the main machine has a shared media folder that was accessible to everyone who was logged on to the network at the time, and the main printer was also shared and available for everyone.  Quite suddenly, for no apparent reason (ie, no software installed or upgraded recently) the shared resources are inaccessible.  Using PocketLAN on the PDAs, the server is easily detected, but logging on to it requires a password.  Same goes for the other machines on the network.  I never had to use a password for this before.    Any ideas how I can solve my problem?  Is it possible that when the network was set up the client machines logged on automatically with a password, but somehow now don't?  When I shared the resources, I don't recall ever making it password protected.

So, if this seems like an easy fix, please let me know.  I'm as frustrated as anyone who has limited experience of networks can possibly have!
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"Is it possible that when the network was set up the client machines logged on automatically with a password,"

Yes windows XP itself does not need you to enter a password, but one is always there, even if blank.  The PDAs, on the other hand need a password.  You will have to remember your login name (look under documents and settings, for the name you used to login to the XP system, and you will have to just recall the password).

As far as the PW protected status of the shares, open windows explorer, right click on the shared drive, clikc the feature called sharing, and you will see if it is full access or password protected.
So yes, it is easy to fix, just find your login name under documents and settings, remember your password, even if -blank- , and that is what you put in the PDAs.  Check the file permissions on the shared directories, as I said above, and you should be fixed in 10 minutes, it is not that difficult.
set the file permissions on the shared folder so 'everyone' has fill access and it shouldnt ask for a password anymore.

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